February 12, 2018




Sister Courtney Ashmead

"Yanno... I'd date our apartment"

Hey y'all!!

Since it is the week of Valentine's Day, Sister Ashmead and I decided to decorate our apartment to celebrate this lovely holiday😉 Thank you Grandma Cindy for sending the best package ever, and helping us be inspired to use your creativity to decorate our apartment. It's so cute in here, I keep looking around admiring our work. Sister Ashmead said, "our apartment is so... HOT!" And I couldn't agree more. I'd date our apartment hahah😂

Since, Sister Ashmead and I won't be together the full day of Valentine's Day, (due to exchanges) we have been spoiling each other all week. I mean that's what you do for your Valentine right?? We are choosing to spoil eachother all day, everyday! It's been fun haha. A lady from the stake gave a talk on Sunday, and said she believes God is sending us little love notes throughout the day, and we need to be able to recognize them. I loved this idea, and I want to help God deliver his love notes to others! Missionaires just go crazy for V-Day😂 I still haven't convinced Sister Ashmead to massage my back yet. I'll break her one of these days!

Anyways, besides Sister Ashmead being my Valentine, turns out I have another love! Would you believe it... TWO Valentine's?? I'm a lucky girl. Haha so, we were at the Crowders for dinner. They have a massive dog named, Ferdinand. He gets very excited when new people come over and so when we walked inside, he jumps up and gives me the biggest smooch on the lips. I mean my lips were dripping with dog spit... yum. Anyways, he got kicked out of the house. Bad doggy manners. Jeez. Sam, the Crowders youngest son, was very upset Ferdinand gave me a kiss. Usually when we come over he gives us a big hug, and then grabs my hand, and leads me over to the couch so I can sit down and watch him jump off the couch. Well this time I sat down and he got this little grin on his face, then precedes to grab my face and I get another big, fat, wet smooch on the lips. He thought this was so funny! Now we are Valentine's. Later on, he tricked us again and got Sister Ashmead on the cheek. Not only did Sam give her a kiss, but along with his flu! Poor Sister Ashmead is battling that now. Luckily, I only caught the love bug, and not the flu bug hahaha.

Haha I feel like this week has been full of laughter and smiles!! We for sure we're cracking up when us and the elders were in the car with our ward mission leader traveling to a meeting. What a trip. Our ward mission leader is a crazy driver, and CANNOT talk and drive... He kept blaming Elder Olsen to get it together and be the co pilot to help get us there. At one point we were about to miss our exist on the freeway, and I kid you not, he stopped in the middle of the freeway and got over just in time to get off, of course going over solid white lines😂 haha we survived, and have a good story to tell!

Also, what's a Wal-Mart trip, without bumping into someone you know. Or more like, they know you, and you have no idea who they are... So, Sister Ashmead and I were shopping last Monday and all of a sudden we hear from across the isle, "are you Mormons???" Seriously, someone was screaming this, it was so loud, and everyone was looking at us. A great welcoming call haha. Turns out it was a little girl and her mom who are LDS, and moved to Morehead recently. They had no idea there were, "Mormons in Morehead" it was funny haha. The little girl kept begging us to take her to church haha. We like them begging us, instead of us begging them for sure!

So, Sister Campbell will be pleased to hear this!! Abigail is FINALLY getting baptized!!! We've been working with Abigail for a while now, and she has come to the point where her and her family are ready to make that next step of baptism. I'm so excited for Abigail! The 25th can't come soon enough! Who knew a little girl could be so stubborn about baptism?! But now there is only excitement and joy!! We were sharing with her how it's so important to be the wise man, and build your foundation on Christ. Even if the winds and storms tear your entire house up, leaving just the foundation, if our foundation is in the Lord, we will never move with him as our rock. And the next time we build our house, it will be stronger, better, and more quickly built, because although the storm was devastating it made us smarter. And with Christ's help, love, support, and strength we can rebuild as many times as he sees fit.

I was told a story this week that made me rethink why certain things happen, and how God always has good intentions in mind for us. Alright, Who likes lice?? What good can come from having lice in your hair?? Sometimes, bad things serve an intended purpose, that is unrecognizable to us. During the Holocaust, there was a group of people at the concentration camp who had hair lice. These people saw this as a blessing when so many of us, including me would think this was the end of the world. But no, because of the lice in their hair, it made the guards isolate them, and stay away from them. Because of this, they were able to hide their bible, and use it as a source of strength to get through that unexcusable and horrible time. Sometimes the worst things in our lives, are actually the greatest blessings.

For me, I have this totally awesome picture in my head of being the best version of myself, and doing everything I set my mind to, right the first time. After seeing this I'm like YES let's do this!! But when it comes down to it, I sometimes get discouraged, become unwilling or unbelieving that I can reach the expectations I make for myself because of my limitations. And what I have to remember is the Lord gave me those limitations for a reason and for a purpose! I have to have those set backs for the long run to reach my vision of my best version.
Some questions Sister Ashmead's MTC teacher gave her, are amazing to consider during these types of situations:

1. What can I learn from this?
2. What's great about this?
3. What's not perfect yet?
4. What am I willing to do to make it what I want?
5. What am I NOT willing to do to make it better?

We can take our limitations, and struggles and use them to our advantage. Also, we have the hope that our weaknesses can be turned into strengths with the help from our Savior.

Who wants to be like Nephi?? I do! But, what, no... Nephi is amazing. I can never live up to the greatness of Nephi. Or any holy prophet of God for that matter. Elder McConkie said something so profound that I just loved. He said, "But if we are to have the faith like Enoch and Elijah we must believe what they believed, know what they knew, and live as they lived." Prophets aren't any more speicial in God's eyes than each of us are. We are all his children and he sees greatness in all of us. We all have limitations, temptations, and weaknesses to overcome. To come to know and have the faith like these prophets did and change to be great, we can't expect to be handed it. You can't expect to be amazing, if you don't do amazing things. They worked for this. The life they lived was not glorious, but the rewards are. I guess what I am trying to say is we can expect to be a Nephi, by devoting our lives to Jesus Christ and accepting his will. We can give our lives to him, who gave his so willingly and lovingly for all of us. Of course, we won't be just like Nephi, because we are all different, and have unique things to offer the world. But we can see that we can become our own Book of Mormon or Bible hero through the grace and love of Jesus Christ. He will change you to be great, if you let him in, and are willing to seek after his greatness.💛

Love youinns,
Sister Lauren Ashlee Ludwig

1. "I'm famous in your eyes." Sister Ashmead photo bombing my picture😂 she makes it better😘
2. Just a glimpse of our dateable apartment.
3 & 4. Our Valentine's Day photo shoot😘


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