January 15, 2018




Sister Alisa Campbell

Tru Blu

Hey y'all!!

We had another winter storm here and guess who survived the cold yet again...?? YEP, that's right I did haha!!!! We had a decent amount of snow, but for all my homies in the Evansville area... I'm sorry. I can't even complain. Since, I'm in UK territory, I can officially say I am a tru blu!! Go Wildcats! And according to everyone here in Morehead, "one town, one team" Kentucky loves their sports, lemme tell ya. A member was telling us a lot more doors would open to us if we could watch sports and talk sports with these people. Hahah good thing that's not an option, I would make a big fool out of myself. But I'm so glad everyone loves Jesus out here!! Oh blessed Kentucky.

Let's see what has happened this week... Besides being cold, we had a really good time. We've been seeing A TON of success through online proselyting which has been so awesome!! Our ward has some of the most young single adults on its roles. It fits us since we are on a college campus. We were able to find more than half of these awesome young adults and get into contact with them. We met with one girl yesterday and found out there's a lot of gold in the Kentucky hills. Y'all hear that??? Quit your jobs and move to Kentucky, might find the hidden treasures haha. She just recently broke her leg, but once she's able, she will be starting her journey for gold.

Also, the campus and all the students come back on Tuesday!!! FINALLY. Luckily we've been able to do Facebook lessons while some of our investigators have been away. We're working with a guy named Kody and he's super awesome. He always tells us he learns so much from talking with us and is excited for this journey he is on and finding God. He hasn't been religious until recently, so it's been really cool to see how much he is learning, as we keep talking.

For some reason, since it's been cold, our hot water wants to not work at all. I've been having to boil water and take baths to get any heat at all! Anything is worth getting hot water!!!!

On Sunday, we had a broadcast from Salt Lake for all of the southeastern stakes. Elder Bednar gave an amazing talk, but it actually felt like a training haha. He talked about how faith in Jesus Christ and repentance work hand in hand. And how our idea of repentance has become twisted. He shared a story about a man who hadn't been very active in church, and hadn't been paying his tithing for years, yet his daughter was getting married in the temple soon, so he paid his tithing that month and requested a temple recommend from his bishop. His wise bishop counseled him that simply paying the tithing for that month couldn't allow him to be worthy to enter into the Lord's house. The frustrated man said, "I paid the money, what else do you want?" He explained how the man didn't know how to repent. We cannot repent without the Savior. And the Savior didn't necessarily want this man's money, but he wanted his heart. As well as having faith in Jesus Christ, we must repent with Jesus Christ, because of Him. The Savior's sacrifice allows us to turn away from our sins. We cannot cleanse ourselves from our sins. It is only through the Son of God that we can be made clean again. And when we don't repent of those sins, we are choosing to suffer the pain, Christ has already suffered in our behalf. He doesn't want any joy or happiness robbed from our life. He gave his life, so we can have joy in our lives. But we have to accept his sacrifice into our lives and use it. Elder Scott teaches us how repenting is a blessing to our everyday lives, "That pattern allows each day to be an unspoiled page in the book of life, a new, fresh opportunity." As we turn our mistakes over to the Savior, he can give us his power and peace which leads to his promises and progression.

And one more thing to keep in mind, is that change is a process, so we must remember what Elder Neal A. Maxwell wisely taught that, faith in God includes faith in His purposes as well as in His timing. We cannot fully accept Him
while rejecting His schedule. The Lord wants YOU. He wants your heart. Trust him, and step by step, start letting him lead your life. I know Jesus Christ loves us all so much and will ALWAYS direct us to the best place for our lives. Because he knows us all personally and individually. Each person's destination is unique to them, and Christ knows where that is. He knows where I need to be be, when I don't. He loves me, even when I don't love myself. And he's sees my potential, when I feel like giving up. The Saviors knows you. Come unto him

Love youinns,
Sister Lauren Ashlee Ludwig

1 & 2. when things go south with your investigators...
3. Hahaha best sign!
4. Must have blonde haired babies!!


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