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Goddesses in disguise??

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Hey y'all!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Can you believe it's 2018?! I never thought this year would come... but it snuck up on me! Craaazzyy. I will forever cherish the memories and lessons I learned in 2017. It seems like 2017 was actually 10 years instead of one, but I guess that's what happens when you are doing so much. I love this time I have to be on the Lord's errand. Excited for more to come😊

Hahaha soo, we had an interesting week to say the least. Really this last week came and went in a blink of an eye. We had exchanges on Wednesday to Thursday. I got to stay here in Morehead with Sister Kerr, she's the best! Our time together will be unforgettable. Hands down, MOST WEIRD tracting experience of both our missions.

It's like 14 degrees and not a soul is out, for good reason haha. We had decided to knock some doors at an apartment complex. We weren't really seeing much coming from this. Lots of good conversations, but not much interest. We knocked on this one door and their mat was a picture of yoda saying welcome. In our minds we were like oh yeah these are our kind of people. We knock on the door and within two seconds this blonde haired woman answers the door and before even asking who we were says, "would you like to come in out of the cold?" while motiouning us inside. Completely confused, we went in, and gave our introductions. Her name was Kala and she was super sweet but odd. She asked us what she could help us with. We informed her we were lds missionaries, and asked her if she had a belief in Christ? She said no she was a Pagan. My first thought was what the heck is a pagan. Well after walking out of her home 30 minutes later, I had the whole scoop about what and who a pagan is.

Kala and her roommate, Eli ended up teaching us a lesson about who Pagans are. They worship different kinds of God's, like Thor, Odin, and Loki. They present offerings to their God's by leaving food and wine out for them, do magic, and curses. Kala is apparently a crystal witch and can use the energy from her box of crystals to calm down her anxieties. It was an experience, lemme tell ya. Sister Kerr and I were trying very hard to be very respectful about their beliefs. I think what I admired most about Kala and Eli was how confident they were with who they are and what they believe. They weren't worried about what we would think, they found what they believe to be true was a strength to their lives and wanted to share it, despite its strange practices. They found joy in what they believe and they weren't afraid to spread it. And a lot of what they believe helps them to have very good standards. There is truth out there. Of course, they don't contain all the truth, but they live good lives.

Hahaha so get this. Best part of the story!!! Pagans have a lot of stories dealing with their God's. The reason Kala instantly invited us into her home was because of an ancient story. Apparently, many moons ago, two men showed up at another man's door. They asked to come in out of the cold. The owner of the home, refused them, and sent the other men away. Turns out the men were God's in disguise and were testing the other man. He ended up paying the consequence from this event, so now they welcome all in. To Kala, we could have been goddesses in disguise hahaha. They are in charge of the Pagan group on campus and when school starts up they want us to come and teach the members about Mormonism. Pretty cool haha!

After this event, Sister Kerr and I were just absolutely amazed with what just happened. We came up with the missing link to missionary work on our long walk home. The missing link is vampires hahaha. For all you twilight fans out there listen up. We need to have Renesmaes gift and be able to express everything we feel and share everything we know with touching someone's cheek!! Could you imagine running up to someone and just asking to touch their cheek?? Haha at this point, we were just so amazed with the Pagans we started coming up with weird stuff. All jokes and fun though. But on a serious note, it would be so awesome if I could just touch someone and they could know everything I know and exactly how I feel!! So the key to missionary work... vampires😂😉

We had an awesome New Year's Eve yesterday! Even got to play phase 10 at some members house! Brought back the good memories. When we got home, we tried unlocking our door. Well because it was SO cold outside our lock was frozen. Who knew that was even a thing???! I got this smart idea to blow on the lock. Legit almost passed out, but it worked and we got inside to our warm apartment haha.

Serving in the south, you are bound to hear, "I'm saved by grace!" Which is totally true we are all saved. Jesus Christ saved us all through his atoning sacrifice. We will all be resurrected. No question about it. Another question to consider when dealing with Christs sacrifice, is we know what he saved us from, but do we know what he saved us for? Brad Wilcox gave an outstanding talk called, "His Grace is Sufficient" in his talk he asks many of his friends if with a long being saved by grace, are they changed by Jesus Christ's grace? I think that's a question we can all consider. He mentions how heaven won't be heaven, if we aren't heavenly. And for anyone out there who thinks Mormons are earning heaven, we are really learning heaven. Now is the time to prepare to meet God. No unclean thing can dwell in the kingdom of God, but "no unchanged thing will even want to." Jesus Christ's Atonement is about cleansing us from our sins, and transforming us to become more! It is only through his grace that this is possible. His grace is enough. Jesus Christ doesn't just make up the difference, he makes ALL the difference.

I hope everyone can continue to experience and feel of Christs love for all of you. There's so much joy we can receive from him. Make the Savior your focus for 2018! 💛💛

Remember... "If it is not clean, do not think it; if it is not true, do not speak it; if it is not good, do not do it” - Elder Carlos E. Asay

Love youinns,
Sister Lauren Ashlee Ludwig

1. I like this dog because he didn't pee on me hahaha
2. Matching shirts and beanies for the win!!
3. Car goals😉
4. New Year's Eve party at the nursing home, they know how to party!


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