October 30, 2017




Sister Shalamae Tibbets

"The Christians are here!"

Hey y'all!!

Well I thought I would start this email out with another embarrassing story from yours truly😊 really what's a weekly email without one!! So... the Wendy's drive thru workers will always remember the sister missionaries. As I was getting my hundredth frosty, I accidentally threw my card out the window, down into the trenches of the Wendy's ground. Mortified, I jumped out to retrieve my card, which was no where in sight!! There on my hands and knees I was greeted by lots of change and other mysteries items, but not my card. I was frantically searching while car after car kept lining up behind us. The Wendy's lady worker kept assuring me it was okay as I apologized repeatedly. And after the space of many moons, it felt like, we decided to drive forward to see if it had gotten under our chariot, malibooty. I drove forward with a prayer in my heart I wouldn't hear a crunch sound and thankfully my card shined bright, in the moon's light, and we got my card and better yet, I got my frosty😉

I can't believe it was a YEAR ago yesterday I opened my mission call... that just seems so unreal. Without getting too emotional on y'all, I just have to say how grateful I am that I did choose over a year ago to serve the Lord. I've come to see that the choices we make right now, are the choices that make and shape us. CTR😘

Transfer news is here!! Sister Tibbitts is leaving me to go be companions with Sister Draper!! Very crazy, cool! They will have a blast. And I'm staying here in Morehead and getting Sister Campell as my new companion! Sister Campell is serving in my district right now, so I've gotten to know her really well and I'm SO excited to serve with her. It'll be a party!

We have been led by the spirit so many times this week. One particular night, I kept feeling like we needed to go to a certain street and knock some doors. As soon as we got out of the car, a certain house stuck out to Sister Tibbitts, so we knocked it. A sweet, older lady answered the door, and invited us in. This is such an exciting moment for any missionary, when someone actually invites you inside, especially when it's FREEZING outside. We had a really good lesson with Mary and we were able to get to know her and hear about her family. We introduced her to the Book of Mormon, and she was interested in learning more. As we were having our lesson, her grandson came over to borrow some sugar. He looked at us and said, "Ignore my mustache" as he points to his fake, drawn on mustache. Haha it was hilarious. Apparently he was going to a college party and he was going to be a mailman. Hands down, best mailman around town.
As we were going to leave Mary told us, "You know I don't just let anyone into my home" and gave us hugs. Good things happen when you put your hand in the Lord's hand and let Him guide you.

The highlight of this weekend was Lacy's baptism!!! What a special day💛 The entire time Lacy was glowing and had a permanent smile on her face. You could really feel the spirit and God's love. And it was even better to see how happy Lacy and Jamie were together. She kept telling me I can't wait for next year, and making me promise I'll be there when they go through the temple. I feel so blessed to be a part of this marvelous work and this time the Lord has given me to see so many people change there lives to come closer to Christ. Also, the blessing of having them change my life as well.
At church on Sunday, Lacy got the holy ghost, she told us of the warm feeling she felt during her confirmation. She said when all the brethren laid their hands on her head, a warmness came over her whole body. I'm so happy Lacy was able to feel the Holy Ghost so strongly and know without a doubt this was the BEST decision she could make, and there are so many more blessings awaiting the Jennings.

One of our investigators, Kelly also came to both the baptism and confirmation. She called it, "My Mormon super weekend". And a super weekend it was!! Kelly has been making so much progress and I'm so glad we are able to work with her and feel of her sweet and humble spirit.

During sacrament meeting we did a new thing where we had anyone share their favorite scripture. My scripture of the week is 1 Nephi 9:6 which says, "But the Lord knoweth all things from the beginning; wherefore, he prepareth a way to accomplish all his works among the children of men; for behold, he hath all power unto the fulfilling of all his words. And thus it is. Amen."
Everytime I read this scripture, I feel so much comfort knowing I don't have to wonder or wander looking for purpose in this life. I have a loving Heavenly Father who sent me his son to lead me. As He leads, I can follow, and have direction, peace, and success. How lucky I am to know this and be able to share it with others!! Feeling very blessed today😊

Well y'all I know if you're ever having a down day, pull out your scriptures, and study God's word. I promise you will feel His unconditional love for you.

Love youinns,
Sister Lauren Ashlee Ludwig

PS. This time when we went over to the Jennings, their aunt opened their door and proclaimed, "the Christians are here!" I'm glad she knows we believe in Christ hahaha.

2 & 3. Lacy's big day!!
4. Sister Miller made us Brazilian food, it was SO good😋


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