October 16, 2017




Sister Shalamae Tibbets

My frosty addiction🙃

Hey y'all!!!

I believe in miracles!! Wow my heart is so full. This week was so amazing. God is there, and is CONSTANTLY aware of us. I have felt His hand in my life, and Him answering my everyday simple questions. We've received an abundance of blessings this week! Where to even begin??

I'm not even joking, EVERY single time we had an impression to go do something or see someone, something worked out just right and overall was exactly what needed to happen. There was one instance where we really needed to get into contact with one of our investigators. She hadn't been answering our calls and we were worried about her. Plus she lives a good 30 minutes away from us and it isn't very easy to just go check up on her, and have the possibility that she isn't home. During the middle of the day, I had this impression to go visit her right now. So we did, and when we knocked on the door there was no answer. We were pretty bummed. Right as we were about to pull away and start our long trek back into town, we see our investigator come over the hill! She was SO happy to see us which made us feel good😊 and she said this was the perfect time to show up, she needed us today. The Holy Ghost really does give us promptings for a reason. We should all be like President Monson and run that errand for the Lord.

Also, one night we were really working hard to find our new investigator for the day, but it wasn't looking too good. Randomly, (but of course not random) I thought about a lady who's door we had knocked earlier in the week, and that we need to go see her. When we first met her she was busy with her sick kids so she didn't really have time to talk. As soon as we pulled up to her house, her and all her kids were coming outside. Seriously perfect timing again!! We literally jumped out of the car haha. She was glad we came back and is now one of our new investigators. Yeeuh! We said a prayer with them and her 4 year old daughter runs up and gives me a hug it was so sweet. God really is so aware of all us his children and knows who is in need. If we ask him, how and who we can help. He will show us the way and we can be his hands to do something good for others, I know that without a doubt.

We got to go to Frank's baptism this Saturday!! WHAT AN AMAZING DAY. it was so awesome being back in my first area for the day and seeing everyone I love so much! I kept having all these random flash backs to my training days haha good times! I don't think I ever stopped smiling. We had 12 other missionaries at the baptism for Frank and another woman named Theresa. It was a very special day. We were lucky enough to have our incredible investigator, Kelly take us to the baptism. The baptism was everything she needed at this time. All the missionaries sang I am a child of God at the baptism and man that was emotional for us all. The spirit was very strong. I feel so honored to be apart of the Lord's work. This is an amazing work and it's bringing me the most joy💛

Sooo Lacy and Jamie are still awesome, we announced her baptism in relief society on Sunday and she got super excited, it was the best. We're actually about to go hiking with them at Red River gorge woot woot! But anyways, Jamie's aunt is living with them. Everytime she sees us she always says, "Enjoy your services girls." No one knows what she's talking about hahaha. It's so cute. But I got to thinking, and my thinking turned into me making an invitation. I asked her if she would like to enjoy our services with all of us this Sunday at church. I don't know why I didn't think of that the first time! Sometimes people are afraid to ask, so we just have to invite everyone, and it might not always work out and it's okay if they say no, but now they feel welcomed!

One of the speakers in church, talked about focusing our lives more on the Savior. We need to build our foundation on Him. And when we do, we can always be firm in our faith when the trials come because our trust isn't in the world, or in ourselves, but in Jesus Christ, who is the son of God. Only He can strength us, lift us, and carry us through ANYTHING.
During my studies I wanted to plan out a way I could more fully focus on Jesus Christ. Here are just my thoughts.
Find Him. (knowing Him, having that relationship)
Obedient (doing the harder right, instead of the easier left)
Constant (always thinking of Him)
Unified (submitting your will to His)
Serve (doing as He would do)
With all of the recent tragedies going on, I know as we center our lives on Jesus Christ we will never have to fear of what is going to happen in our lives or in the world. We can be secure in our faith in Him, and press forward with hope during the trying times.

And another thing I was taught in church on a deeper level was the word of wisdom... And this is where my frosty addiction comes into play😂😂 as most of you know, I absolutely love frostys! It's such a problem that we live 0.2 miles away from Wendys!! I think about these frostys all the time hahaha it's probably time for me to cut back! Sacrifices are good!!😣

Be a little piece of heaven for someone this week💛

Love y'all,
Sister Lauren Ashlee Ludwig

1. A selfie a day, apparently doesn't keep the rain away!
2. My favorite guy!!! This one is for you drapes😘
3. Rita my woman😍
4. 4th ward, best ward👊


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