April 9, 2018




Sister Povey

Slow Week

This email is going to be a short one because it's been slow and I can't remember the week. Plus I'm really not in the mood to write a email but I know I kinda have to. Enjoy the typos and the grammatical errors.

Today we had our first district meeting on the transfer; supa lit! Thought I was going to have to give a little talk but the District leader changed it up so I was let off the hook. Then we went to service to help pull weeds. On our way there we saw a water explosion from a fire hydrant that was hit by a car so that cool. Then we spent most of the afternoon pulling weeds. There were 6 missionaries there including me so yeah.... there was quite a bit of weeds. Then we went to dinner with Melissa and her family. They took us to a crappy Italian place that gives you tons of food! Though it was bad I still ate it and had a good sized food baby afterward. Later that day Sister Chong and I went to go catch frogs in a creek behind her apartment complex. Unfortunately we didn't catch any frogs because the creek was stuck behind a think wall of trees.

This day was cool because I got to lead out for the first time. Povey had a physical therapy appointment. And since I've been dragged to all her appointment we did an exchange with the lake skinner sisters. I was put on lead because Chong's comp won't work or open her mouth so I did all the talking. Though it's not okay for her not to work I got to learn how to talk to people, and now I know that after I'm no longer a greenie I can really be a good missionary.

Trainer follow up!!! Oh how I wish I could tell y'all how much I despise trainer follow-up meetings, but I know if I told you my mom probably wouldn't be very happy with me. So I'll just say it was a good meeting and I learned a lot. After the meeting we went to dinner and did some tracking. We tried to see Rob (the guy we put on date) but he ignored us again. He's been ignoring our calls and texts all week and when we went to his house he told his daughter to tell us he wasn't home. Pretty sure he was fed some anti which is sad but if he really didn't want us coming back I wish he would just tell us instead of playing this cat and mouse game.

First we did weekly planning then we went to a member's house to pull weeds. My mom is probably excited for when I go home because by the time I do I'll be an expert weed puller with the amount of times I've pulled weeds for service.

Today we blitzed some Elder's area and when we got to our assigned street a members son was helping us hit all his friend's houses. It was super cute and I know when he's older he'll be a great missionary. After the blitz we found a ice cream truck, (probably the 500th ice cream truck I've seen so far) but I just had to stop for it because I hadn't had a Spongebob ice cream since I was younger. It was just as good as I remember. Then we went to help set up for a rock concert in town. It was just a small unknown band with a bunch of old guys but it was still fun to set up.

Fast sunday!!! I don't think there has been one Sunday on my mission so far that I haven't had to do anything. This week I had to lead the music during sacrament meeting. It went well until the sacrament song...... that was a hot mess on my part. But the last one went well so whatever. For the rest of the day we did studies and dinner.

Alright that was my week!! Hope you're not too disappointed about the shortness but I tried to keep in funny so enjoy!

Love y'all!!

Sister Fish


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