April 2, 2018




Sister Povey

Injuries, birthdays, and road trips

Hello all y'all! Hope all is well around the world. Let's get into my past week shall we!

ya I know, I usually never start off with a Monday. But last week was pretty crazy. So last Pday we we're all playing volleyball and us sisters were a point away from winning. I set Povey up to spike it and as she came down she landed wrong and something her knee went out of place. She's had two ACL surgeries on that knee alone so she was pretty upset when she knew something didn't feel right. Sister Chong and I rushed her to the urgent care all the way in La Jolla (which is like an hour away and out of our mission. I don't know why the mission nurse sent us there so don't ask.) to get her some X-rays. We didn't get home till 11 pm which sucked plus we didn't figure out what was going wrong. But Povey has to use crutches now so it's a serious issue.

TRANSFER DAY!!! Sister Chong's companion was going to a new area so we had to hang out with her all day until her new companion got here. Povey and I are still together HALLELUJAH!!! I honestly don't know what I'm going to do when I have to leave her. It's was also Povey's birthday so we had her open presents and a member took us to Outback for her birthday.

Zone greet was today so we got to meet all the new missionaries in our area. Some of them are cool but I like the veterans better. I finallu have a Tiwi card so now I finally get to drive miss cripple around! Then we went to get grocires at walmart and as we were driving home little miss cripple realized she left her phone in the scooter basket. This isn't good because she is the one that has the SIM card......SMH. I'm going to save y'all some time an tell y'all the shortened version. We had to find it on a tracking website, come to find out it was still at walmart even though customer service said they didn't have it, but they did. It took us half the day to find it.

We traveled to La Jolla again to get Povey to an Orthopedic. The Sister training leaders came with because one of them had an appointment as well. The doctors took three xrays which was super dumb because she needs a MRI, you can't see anything from the xrays. The appointment was a waste of time since they didn't find anything yet and they can't tell us what's wrong. They just helped us schedule an MRI and physical therapy. When we got back I had Povey rest until dinner.

We got to help some non members move this morning and I overheard them talk about how grateful they were which was super cool hear. Then we did some weekly planning and goal setting. Then we went out to eat at PF Changs with the Barnsons. They bought me a red velvet bundtlet for my birthday and got Povey and I little cheesecakes for dessert. After, Sister Barnson wanted to take a Easter gift to her friend/our investigator since she's struggling with family things and health issues. I was great to see her and visit to make sure she was okay. When Povey is better we are going to help her with some weeding. She also has two horses so obviously I had to meet them! (I will send the pictures next.) As we were leaving, the gate wouldn't open so I had to jump it to open it from the otherside. Sister Barnson had to boost me up there which was a little awkward since it was a butt boost but hey, now we can call each other friends.

GENERAL CONFERENCE!!!!! I've been so excited for this weekend! It's cool to watch it at home but it's 10x better as a missionary! Dad's buddies Devin Durrant and Brian Taylor spoke which was werid but cool to see them. Plus both of them had fantasic talks! After both sessions it was chill night. We had a birthday dinner with the Lake Skinner sisters. I MADE STEAK FOR THE FIRST TIME BY MYSELF!!! It was pretty bomb and the other sisters agreed. We also made some cake to eat on sunday. After General Conference a member in my ward suprised me with a birthday package from my family! It had all of my favorite things in it and some pictures. super cutee! Thank you fam bam!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!! IM 21 BOIIIII!!! General Conference was bomb again! So many changes and so many good talks! Super cool to see Uchtdorf speak, so weird that I met him just weeks before and then he was back up on the stand in front of the world. I made BBQ chicken wings for lunch and BOMB!!! My mom is probably super proud of me. Then we had the oreo cake for my bday. We went to a members home for an Easter dinner and yes we had ham! It was so good! Then we got to meet the Easter bunny, so overall it was a great birthday!

That was my week! crazy but chill.

I love y'all! Keep me updated on y'all's life!

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