March 26, 2018




Sister Povey

Dunkin' em in the water!

Good morning/afternoon or whatever. How is everyone? Good? Great! This week has been pretty bomb

Today was kinda boring. We had a district meeting; last district meeting with the original bros. Then we had another popsical stand. Then had dinner with the Hietts again! I love talking to them because we talk about mactown.

SERVICE WHOOP WHOOP! Jk it wasn't very exciting at the food pantry that day. Then we had a appointment with Rob. Turns out he wasn't home but his daughter and just pulled up to the house so she had us teach her. We had taught her the plan of salvation before but she missed the restoration lesson so we did that one. One of the best lessons I've done so far! I had memorized the first vision the week before so I decided today was the day to recite it. My whole body went numb and I thought I was going to mess up the last part but the Holy Ghost just helped me spit it out perfectly! one of the most amazing moments I've ever had. The spirit was so strong I almost cried! We committed her to read the Book of Mormon and pray about it and she accepted! Once we finished the lesson Rob came in and we taught him the Gospel of Jesus Christ lesson. He loved it and WE GOT HIM ON DATE FOR BAPTISM ON APRIL 21!!! LET'SSS GOOO!!!

Went to my my favorite food pantry! Unfortunately they are moving locations so we won't get to serve there anymore but because they're moving they had to get rid of all their frozen food so we all grabbed as much food as we could! I think I grabbed like 6 steaks lol! Next we went over to a member's house to clean it because they're moving. I cleaned a little but mostly played with their dogs.At the end of the day a sister in our ward was surprising her husband with a heavy bed frame so we helped her carry it up to their room.

WEEKLY PLANNING DAY!! Spent most of the morning planning and making goals.Then we went to the library to write our talks for sacrament meeting. Had dinner with Sister Grant, then went to a stake women's conference.

Our mini missionary has arrived! Mini missions are when youth who want to experience a day in the mission field get sent to some missionaries and shadows them. She's tall and super sweet. Plus she's tall which was perfect! STEVE'S BAPTISM DAY!!! Oh I'm so proud of him! He's honestly the coolest guy I've ever met! He even sang at his own baptism! His step son sang too and it was one of the most spiritual baptisms I've ever been to. Him and his family took us out to lunch to get fish tacos, YUM! Then we had more Mexican food for dinner at Rosa's Cantina with Melissa. That night Povey and I were up super late trying to finish our talks.

We gave our talks and it was great! It was on how we decided to go on a mission and how the ward can best do missionary work. We got a lot of compliments so I'm guessing it was good. Our investigator Roxana came to church and she brought her dad which was awesome! I don't know if he enjoyed it or not because apparently he was falling asleep during the second hour; or maybe he had an experience like King Lamoni but I doubt it.

Anyway that was my week!
Until next time! Love y'all!


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