March 19, 2018




Sister Povey


1 month in the field!!!!! We started off our day with Sister Chong teaching us how to Hula dance; yes, I will be sending that video out. I was actually pretty good at it if I do say so myself! Then we had to drive to Vista for a Trainer Follow up meeting, and did role plays on the restoration and plan of salvation in 3-4 minutes; kinda stressful but not difficult. I also finally memorized the First Vision so I'm pretty happy about that. After that Povey and I went to a Relief Society Birthday party for our ward. Not going to lie it was a little awkward, not a lot of people showed up and no one was really talking.

We did some service this morning and then set up a Otterpop stand for kids coming out of school. We basically just have them answer a multiple choice question about the Gopsel and whether they get it right or wrong they get a otterpop. We gave out a lot of cards with our number but I don't know if we'll actually get contacted; it was a lot of fun though. Then we met up with Alejandra again to make sure she was doing alright and to have a little lesson. She's so smart and strong, every time we meet with her I feel like she's teaching me.

Service again. If you haven't noticed yet usually we do service Wednesday and Thursday morning. Then had a boring district meeting that felt super long. and a long missionary correlation meeting with the ward missionaries. Kinda a boring day.

We did some tracting after some weekly planning and went shopping for paint and paint brushes to paint with Alejandra tomorrow. Then has dinner with a family in our ward and it was........armature hour. I only had a small bowl of soup and bread sticks so Povey and I had to go get a second dinner at the yellow basket. Did a little more tracting then went home.

Painted in the park with Alejandra, we all ended up painting sunsets on the ocean (great minds think alike). Then we went to another sister's area to Blitz and we didn't really talk to anyone until these two guys smoking on their porch waved us over. It was kinda sketchy because they are mentally retarded, (yes clinically mentally retarded). How do I know this, well they told us; apparently one was shaken when he was a baby. They we both really nice though. They both took a Book of Mormon and said they wanted to come to church. Maybe the other sisters will get them baptized. Later we met up with the Sister Chong and Olsen to go to the Temecula Stake's roadshow. They had a mini missionary with them and HEY SHE KNOWS THE BROWN'S! What a small world!! Then we went to roadshow; it was based on movies like The Princess Bride, Avengers, twilight, Groundhog Day, etc. with topics in the for the strength of youth. It was super fun to watch all the youth get to dance and sing and have fun. oh yeah and my ward won!!!

Povey and I went to 4 hours of church because ROB FINALLY CAME TO CHURCH!! He wasn't able to come at our time so we sat with him in another ward's sacrament meeting. One of the most nerve wracking moment so far. I wanted him so bad to feel the spirit so I just kept sitting there hoping and praying he would. And wouldn't you know it HE DID!! He said he thought he was going to be so nervous but actually felt calm and relaxed. He loved taking the sacrament too; he said he wanted to come back. Unfortunately he didn't stay for the full 3 hours but we're taking baby steps with him.
Later that night went to Vanessa's baptism. Her story with the missionaries is kinda confusing. Originally he whole fam was going to be taught and go to the Spanish ward but her mom got busy so she came to our ward and we started teaching her. But then she went back to the Spanish ward and the Hermana's taught her. She ended up being baptized in the Spanish ward. But Povey and I went to support since we were able to teach her a little bit. Most if the program was in Spanish but I could still feel the spirit so strong even though I don't really know what some things were being said. Vanessa was so happy and I'm so proud of her decision of being baptized.

It was a great week this week! Povey and I got a baptism coming up this coming Saturday so be on the look out for my email next week!

Love y'all!

Sister Fish


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