March 12, 2018




Sister Povey

Dogs and muggings


Mission president interviews! Can I just say I love my mission prez! He's so sweet and happy all the time but has a savage side that he never shows unless you screw up. My interview went well and set a new goal to have more meaningful prayers morning and night. Then I gave my first talk at a district meeting and it went very well even though I wrote it in 5 minutes. Had a sleepover with the lake skinner sister again at our place and the helped us clean our apartment. (I found a bee costume in the closet and cleaned in that.)

Service, studying, and some tracting. Had dinner at a place called Bushfire with the Johnson family........they are legit models ALL OF THEM! They have 4 girls and they are all tall and beautiful! Plus apparently they're all amazing vball players. They were all really nice and they reminded me of my family which was cool. Then we taught a resto lesson to a woman, Leslie. She was super cool and interested.

Morning volleyball with the lake skinner sisters and some elders, it was alright........ I don't like playing sand volleyball in tennis shoes but it was still fun. Service at the food pantry again, this place is cool though because they gave us ice cream and let us take anything we want to eat. Then we went to a member's house in Lake skinner to build a playset. BEST SERVICE EVER!!!! oh my gosh I wish everyone in our ward had us build a playset it's so fun! Also the member has two german shepards so if I was tired of building I'd take a break and go play with the dogs. Playing with them made me miss work so much though (Holla at the 2nd fam dogs crew! Miss y'all bunches). After a long day of service we went home and had ice cream and played uno with the lake skinner sisters.

morning vball again. Sister Chong made us a BOMB Hawaiian breakfast and yes there was spam in it! Then we went back to the members house to finish up the playset. Sadly Povey and I didn't get to finish the playset because we had another service to rush off to later to pull weeds. We had dinner at the Hiett's house, and guess what.... THEY'RE FROM MCKINNEY!!! Her brother is in 5th ward! what a small world right! anyway it was super cool to talk to them because we just talked about home for the longest time. Plus they gave us pizza which I was siked about; no one ever give missionaries pizza. After that we went back to Leslie's place to give her a Book of Mormon and as we are talking at the door her cat gets out and tries to escape, but I grabbed it by the tail before it could run off. She was so happy, I guess her last cat got out and got attacked by a coyote so she was pretty greatful I was quick on my feet.

I FINALLY GOT A DOOR SLAMMED IN MY FACE!!!!! We were knocking doors in some Elder's area to help them out. We knocked on one door and an older guy answered it, looked at us, said "no thanks" amd shut the door before we could even say anything. Probably the funniest moment of my day. While we were tracting it decided to rain ALL DAY! And my bike tire just decided it would be a good time to go flat.I would say it was a misrable night but it really wasn't! It was so fun to ride around knocking doors in the rain. But it doesn't end there because I almost got mugged! I was riding up a hill to our apartment when a saw a older gentleman wobbling down the sidewalk. I didn't think anything of it unil he was a foot from me and not moving over. I got chills though my whole body and about peed myself because I knew he was going to attack me. Right as I was about to hit him with my bike he saw the bike light and hobbled out of the way. Turns out he was just hecka drunk and didn't see me until my bike light was in his face. My companion laughed so hard but I just had to sit down and breathe for a second.

Today was stake conference so lots of speakers. Elder Curtis from the seventy came and spoke. On of my favorite thing he said was "faith is like a muscle, you have to exercise your faith to make it stronger". Definitely something that stuck out to me. There was a lot of talk about missionary work so our bishopric asked Povey and I to speak in church in two weeks....... yay 😣. No it actually should be pretty easy. I just need to write a 15 minute talk before it's too late.

There's my week! Pretty eventful and very fun!! Love y'all

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