March 5, 2018




Sister Povey


Good morning everyone!

All is well in Temecula and we're killing it out here!

We had a zone conference all flippin day! Barf! I hate sitting for 5ever! It was all about using Facebook wisely. They didn't really answer our questions so I still don't know how to use it. Later that day we met up with a recent convert Alejandra and discussed the young women's theme since she's trying to memorize it. Then we had dinner with some members and it was actually fun because they asked me fun question like if there are any good looking elders in the mission, or what I'd do for fun back home. I don't like it when members talk to me like a missionary and not a human being.

We did service again....... kinda getting tired of the food pantry. Went to a place called islanders for lunch, kinda pricey but good. We finally taught Rob and he's so weird but so open to our message. We taught him the restoration and he got goosebumps when we talked about the first vision. He calls us angels sent from God. He's really excited to read the book of Mormon but he's so busy with basketball, karate, and work. We even asked him when he comes to know the things we teach him are true if he'd get baptized and he said sure! HOW COOL IS THAT!!

We spent some of the day tracting to find uncontacted investigators but a lot of them didn't answer the door. One guy did but said we could come back later because he was rushing out the door. We taught a 16 year old girl, Vanessa, who is getting baptized on March 18th. She's so great! She wants to serve a mission and start going to seminary. I'm so excited for her even though its the spanish sister's baptism. It's a long story.

We started the day with a zone breakfast. French toast my favvv!!! I ate 6 things of toast and my stomach was crying! It's was a bet, not making that mistake again! Did lots of weekly planning and lots of paper work transfering it to our phones again. At the end of the day we had a sleepover with the sister training leaders because we were doing an exchange the next day.

Exchange day!!!! I went to Murrieta with one of the Sister training leaders and the other one took my spot. They evaluate how we teach. I taught Dante, a less active young adult whose been meeting with the Jehovah witnesses. Apparently he told us the JW talk about the book of Mormon to "compare notes" but I doubt that's what happens. We taught him the plan of salvation which went really well on our part but I guess he just wasn't having it because he said it didn't "relate to him"...... whatever that means....

First fast Sunday in the field! Heard some great testimonies and had a really weird relief society lesson. Met a lady moving to McKinney and will be in the 4th ward so look out for a Sister Nilsen from Cali. Not very shocked that another californian is moving to McKinney........ #gobacktocalifornia pls and thank you. We taught Rob again and taught the plan of salvation. It was great because he had a fear of dying so lesson really helped him. He got goosebumps again when we talked about the celestial kingdom. Every time he gets the goosebumps I know the Holy Ghost is right there with him. Our challenge will be getting him to church since he's so busy but I know once we get him there he will love it.

Another amazing week in california! I love y'all! Let me know if you need my address or if you just want to talk, I'm here till 6.

Love ya

Sister Fish


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