February 26, 2018




Sister Povey

Good morning!

t's hard to believe I've been out a month!! Crazy stuff! Not going to lie though it feels like it's been 3 months. I will say the days are a lot faster out here than it is at the MTC.

Again I forgot my Journal so I'm going by memory once more.

We had a sleepover with some other sister the night before so they could help us out with area book, but it was fun to have them over. We didn't have much going on today because of a district meeting. And since we're a technology mission now we have to transfer all out area book paperwork onto our area book app on our phones and we have to do that by this coming Tuesday (tomorrow); and we have a lot. We had dinner with Sister Baker and she was the best! She made us (mainly me) a greenie dinner! Greenie is a missionary term for newbie. She died almost everything green and had us wear green headbands! The best dinner I had so far!
We went back to the food pantry in the morning and help out for about three hours. Then Sister Povey, Sister Olsen, Sister Chong, and I grabbed lunch at a local food market. I ALSO MET A CUTE DOG THERE!!! Unfortunately I have no pictures of this meeting but it made my day. For dinner we went to Sister Mahler's house and she's the cutest little German lady. And of course she made us a German dinner. It surprisingly wasn't that bad! We also picked up two new investigators this day! Rob who is a real life Kramer (Seinfeld). He's in his 60s and thinks he's the best basketball player since Michael Jordan. But he loves God and he can wait until we get to teach him. Then there's Alex who has no belief in God but for some reason still wants to hear our message. He's a little off but hopefully we can bring some light into his life.
Not much happened today, we did service again at a different food pantry; they love the missionaries over there. More area book, missionary work, dinner, and so on.
Today was crazy weird but fun. We met with some investigators that my companion Sister Povey found before I was here. There names are Matt and Michelle and they are CRAZY! They've had crazy pasts with drug and alcohol and they are currently dealing with cps. They are so open about they're lives they've told us everything that goes on. We met with them and spent an hour reading the Book of Mormon. Michelle wants to get baptized and is excited to be a Mormon but Matt is still trying to figure it out. They've got a long way to go but I think that they can work through it.
This was a great day. A member had given her friend a Book of Mormon a week ago and has been trying to get her to meet with the missionaries. Her name is Marianne and she is the sweetest old lady. She's gone through so much medically and is so frail. Her son is also struggling and is close to dying. Despite all that she still so strong and has a huge love for God and the Savior. We taught her about the Restoration and you could feel the spirit so strong. I bore my testimony about the Savior and that through the atonement Jesus Christ is always going to be there for us, helping us bare our burdens. She loved our testimonies and wants to learn more. The brethren that were there with us gave her a blessing at the end and it was so powerful. I can't wait to meet her again!

I love getting your emails! Keep them coming! I love y'all so much!

Sister Fish


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