February 19, 2018




Sister Povey

First pday in the field!!!

Y'all this is absolutely crazy! This is some much different than the mtc! I'm currently sitting in a church building and I completely forgot to bring my journal to remember things for this email! Oops greenie mistake! Hopefully I don't miss anything because I'm going by memory. Oh and it may be long but you will want to read to at least Saturday because a special guest came by to speak at a meeting we had!

So this last Tuesday was pretty crazy because the mtc had to make it the most difficult way for us to get to the airport. We took a bus for 10 minutes. Then get all our luggage off the bus onto a train. Then get the luggage off the train in less than a minute to get on another train to get to the airport. The plane took off Blah blah blah and then NOW I'M IN CALIFORNIA!!! We met the mission pres and his wife and they're so amazing. They're both very positive (and y'all know I'm not) but it's okay because I really do love them; they're so great. Oh yeah and now I have a companion and her name is Sister Povey! Y'all I really am blessed to have her. She's not weird, mean, or judgemental; she's honestly just like me. She played basketball and volleyball throughout school, shes super tall, and she so nice and funny.

Really nothing much happened today. Oh yeah I forgot to tell y'all my area is the Temecula area which is the eastern side of the mission..... I think. And we got switched to a full time biking mission. Y'all! Pray for me because me and bikes don't get along.... AT ALL! If you know anyone who is preparing for a mission tell them to take cycling classes or rode bikes for the next few months because I was not prepared for that. One of the coolest things that happened today was we were tracting for potential investigators and looking for a woman named Jackie. When we got to her house she apparently never live there but a guy named Jordan did. We started talking to him but he wasn't very interested. Though we kept tell him stuff about the book of Mormon and he actually took one and we got his info. It was pretty cool! I don't know when we'll see him again; hopefully soon.

Really nothing happened most of the day was spent in Carlsbad for a mission training.

More biking. My tailbone is crying and my legs are burning. I'm almost positive that bikes are from the devil.

Okay so this is the moment y'all have all been waiting for.... the special visitor that desided to drop by the Carlsbad mission. So we all get to the chapel and we went to the gym to get set up for a picture. When we're all set up in walks our mission pres with.... the one.... the only........ ELDER UCHTDORF!!! Yall i about fainted it was so weird/amazing to see him in person! After the picture we all lined up to shake his hand. I GOT TO SHAKE UCHTDORF'S HAND!!! I had no idea what to say to him so I just told him it was great to meet him. I don't really remember what he said back because I blacked out for a moment. All I heard was his German accent and that's all that matters. After that we got to hear him speak with Elder Whiting and Elder Clayton. One of the best moments of my life!

Church was okay. It's a small ward but everyone is so nice and welcoming. I got to see a new convert, Dan, recive the melchizedek priesthood today. And we have a baptism coming up on March 24 which I'm so excited for!

Anyway I'm done thanks for reading if you made it this far.

Love Y'all
Sister Fish


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