January 7, 2019


Duvall, Washington


Sister Brockbank

Big Update Since the Last Letter- Transfers, New Companion & Neat Experiences

Hello, Everyone!
Wow, I am so so sorry it took me forever to write anything or give an update. Things have been a little crazy lately. I think I owe you two weeks worth of an update. One of the biggest moments I remember from the last few weeks is driving back from an exchange with Sisters who live in Bellevue. Our car freaked out and refused to go over 25 mph. Long story short, we had to take it to the shop and ask our companions in Duvall and Carnation (who were in a trio) to pick us up. Sister Hardy and I were stuck in Bellevue for about an hour and decided to get to work. We went street contacting! There was one moment though that I want to focus on. We met a man named James when he walked out of Trader Joe's, carrying some groceries. We stopped him and started talking. I don't remember exactly what was said, but I remember how I felt. It's amazing to see people's hearts touched as we share the gospel. We started talking to James about God and how he's aware of James and what he's going through. He shared that he was homeless and had been staying at a shelter and that what we shared really hit him. He was so grateful for the simple conversation we'd been able to have. While we were talking, I noticed Sister Hardy, my co STL, begin to take things out of her jacket pockets and empty it out, almost unnoticed. It was when we were saying goodbye to James, after we had got his number and talked about having the Elders in the area contact him, that she started taking her jacket off. It was a cold Seattle winter day. She told him it was a men's jacket and that she had been looking to give this to someone since the beginning of her mission, a year and a half ago. I slid my jacket off as well, to give to Sister Hardy, since I had a sweater on underneath. I could tell James was very touched by this gesture.

We also ended up doing some finding through caroling! We caroled at the mall for our Festival of Finding and gave out candy canes and Light the World cards and handed out Books of Mormon!

We also had our Christmas devotional! Every zone was asked to prepare a five minute musical number. It was combined with our zone conference and provided awesome training with beautiful musical numbers. We sang Oh Holy Night (I think that's the title??) with the piano and violin and then shared a poem, where we all spoke with just the instrumental music playing in the background. It was really pretty.

We also had a missionary Christmas Eve party at the Fordstrom's and dinner at the Trader's! The missionary party involved white elephant gifts. I might've stocked President Rasmussen on Facebook and printed and framed the best and most interesting photos I could of him... It was gold. I put sticky notes on each one, detailing where the framed picture should be placed (Ex: "Here's one for your bathroom sink, he probably knows if you wash your hands or not..." or "Here's one for your bedside table, you better keep him in your prayers"). Everyone's reaction was worth it. After that, we all gathered and watched a short clip on the life of Christ. It was really amazing to have Him as our complete focus for Christmas.

We also ended up triple covering at the end, or covering three different wards. It was a little crazy. Ha, ha... We met with members in the Snoqualmie River ward and kept telling them we didn't know who the new incoming missionaries would be in their ward. Then, later that night, I was transferred to the Snoqulamie River Ward! Didn't see that coming! It was sad to say goodbye to some of our friends and the members. We will be white washing, or coming into the area without knowing what has happened in the ward or area. It means starting over from scratch. Fun stuff.

My new companion is Sister Brockbank! She keeps me laughing! We've just been trying to get to know the area and the members! Our ward is AMAZING! Wow, so awesome! For preparation we went to this super in-depth and slow Book of Mormon class. It was an hour and a half and we got through 4 verses in 2 Nephi 25... It was sooooo good. We talked all about the temple and Isaiah and Sister Brockbank and I decided we are going to study the Isaiah chapters this transfer to prepare to for our next temple visit!!!!!! Yay!!!! We are so EXCITED!



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