December 3, 2018


Carnation, WA


Sister Larsen

Bellevue Nativity, Elder Gong & Godoy Visit, Jeremey's Amazing Baptism, & A New Opportunity for Growth!

Hello Everyone!
This week was awesome! I got presents from my family!!! AHHHH. The box was huge! We have them all under the tree and have been enjoying opening one each morning! It's been so much fun! I felt super loved and so did Sister Larsen! Thank you so much! It was so thoughtful. :)

We had a lesson at a member's home where he invited us over so Sister Larsen could play his piano and he also invited a friend..... :) We were able to teach her about the Book of Mormon and hopefully will see her soon! It was super cool! She was so nice!

We had an amazing lesson with this women named Brandi. Seriously so sweet. I just felt like she was so prepared! She lost a son when he was only a few months old and we talked about how little children are saved through Jesus Christ's sacrifice. Her reaction was beautiful. She said she had known that before but now she really felt that it was true. We were able to talk about how we were all feeling the spirit testify of truth to us.

And then on Friday to Sunday... So much happened... As missionaries we are helping host and give tours at this huge nativity put on in Bellevue (right next to the Seattle temple!!!) and it took up a lot of time. Also, on Friday night, when we were there, there was a performance by Claire Crosby (low key famous and was on Ellen or something like that). Elder Gong, Elder Godoy and Elder K (can't spell OR pronounce his name. He's German and really cool though) all just strolled on in... They were so cool. We took a picture with Elder Gong and talked to Elder Godoy for a bit (coolest 70 EVER). Elder Godoy was so down to earth and genuine. I told them they all had to go through the Christ room first before they headed out (an AMAZING and absolutely beautiful room with pics/statues/writing starting with the birth of Christ and ending at his resurrection). I snuck in and took a video of it. I'll have to try and send it!

The next day, our whole mission came together to hear from Elder Gong and the 70's. It was awesome. Elder Godoy was actually my favorite. He's from Brazil and is the only person in his family who's joined the church. He was 16 when he joined. He basically told us his conversion story and how much his sister missionaries meant to him. He said he quickly lost contact with the sisters who taught him. They were both transferred right after his baptism, but later he found them. One, 16 years later and the other 32 years later. He ended up doing the sealing for one of their sons' to his wife. He was crying almost the whole time and it was so sweet. Elder K asked us some questions and then ran out of time and said, "Actually never mind, we don't have time to wait for you to answer, this is what the answer is blah blah." He was blunt and straight up with us and was also really awesome to learn from. Elder Gong was amazing. He spoke about praying with Elder Holland about where to send missionaries and why we are called to certain areas. They included in the prayer that they could be guided by the Lord to know where each missionary should go, either because of their mission president, a certain companion, certain people in their mission, or certain friends (what we call investigators now!) who they needed to either find or teach.

After that we hurried and raced to Jeremey's baptism! WOW. It was so sweet. I've only been to one other baptism that compared and I've gone to a lot on my mission. Someone in our ward gave him some dressier clothes and another got him his own quad with his name engraved on it! AHH! He was so happy and it was beautiful! Sister Boman was able to make it as well and we asked her to speak on baptism and asked a women named Sister Paxman to speak on the Holy Spirit! The ward has been really welcoming as well. Sister Larsen was able to play a song called, '"Redeemer" for him (we spent all our free time at dinner practicing for it) and she did amazing!

The next day, Sunday, we had a special stake conference for our stake and.... we got to listen to Elder Godoy again!!! YES! He's so awesome. I talked to him after again and he's like, "3rd time!" Our mission president and his wife were also there! For some reason or another they kissed in front of us. Afterwards, President was just like,".... Awkward," and we all just laughed. We were dying. We then went to the nativity again and had some really awesome conversations with nonmembers who came in (even gave away some Books of Mormon :)))))) and had Jeremey and his daughter Dezzie come in with some of their friends who are members and then we had to run to go caroling with our zone at the Redmond Lights in downtown Redmond!

When Sister Larsen and I were going to our car a little after 9:00 pm, after we had just finished a conversation with some guy, President Rasmussen called and asked me to be a sister training leader. Now just imagine me crying. I thought I was off the hook because I'm still training my daughter and we are already two weeks into the transfer but.... nope. Caught. I'm going to have to go on splits with our STL and figure out how we are going to pull this off because we aren't even companions... Yikes! I'll have to attend mission leadership council and everything. It will be really fun and a little challenging to make it all work, especially because I have no idea what I'm doing. Oh well! Glad I have God on my side!



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