November 20, 2018


Carnation, WA


Sister Larsen

Helping w/a Young Adult Activity, Jeremey Sets a Date, & Other Great Teaching Opportunities

Hello Everyone!
This week was great! We had transfers, and I'm going to be in Carnation for the next 6 weeks! We both saw it coming, but this is the longest I've ever been in an area! At the end of this transfer I hit my year mark. :)

This week began with a pass off lesson with the YSA Elders. We were finally able to give them Bryan to teach! Sister Larsen and I will miss him, but we are excited for the people he'll be able to meet!

Before the lesson we were helping out with the mutual activity for a few minutes. It was a super cool idea. It was a carnival where all the youth were playing carnival games and earning tickets! Our job was to slowly pick them off one by one. We would lure them out of the gym and tell them that they had reached the next level, needed to enter this room, and couldn't go back in to play games. Eventually they pulled all the youth together and had a talk about how we can't take anything with us into the next life except our knowledge. They told them all the tickets for certain prizes they were earning meant nothing and that it was all to make a point. It was really cool! Hilarious, but cool.

We also finally had the lesson with Madi and Ken and their nephew serving in Australia! It was so awesome. We all taught the restoration and we could see that it really made a difference having family there as well. The Elder was 19 hours ahead of us but it all worked out!

We also had a miracle with food! We didn't have anyone sign up to feed us this week, but we were blessed. A random member reached out and we went out to dinner with him. He's a convert and this gospel means everything to him. It was so awesome to talk with him and at the end he gave us a beautiful poem. It was written by the missionary who taught him and helped baptize him. She left it anonymous but asked Samuel to hand it out to missionaries. He's been doing it for years and its a beautiful one. I'll have to send a picture next week of it!

We also had a great lesson with our bishop, who's a convert himself. Jeremey asked him if he would be willing to baptize him in two weeks. It was a really cool to see them connect because of similar backgrounds and situations. One of the things bishop said was, "You're the before and I'm the after and the only difference is the atonement." :)

We also had some amazing experiences while getting in contact with potential friends that we were working with. One we had never been able to find at home, but we set off and everything worked out. Her step-father had just passed away and we really felt like there was a reason we weren't able to find her the week before. We also had a great lesson with a women named Lacey. We know that she felt the spirit and we were able to testify of God's love.

Last but not least we had the missionary devotional. We sang in the missionary choir at Jeremey's request and it was so amazing to hear the testimonies of recent converts.

That's about it!

Happy holidays!!!


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