September 24, 2018


Carnation, WA


Sister Boman

Miracle Finding & Surprising New Stake Boundaries

Hola, Everyone!
This week was busy as ever! And we had some crazy happenings last night...

Jeremey has been doing pretty well! He's been reading the Book of Mormon and we shared with him the restoration video! He loved it! He said the sweetest, most "Jeremey" prayer ever at the end. We asked him to pray to know if what we were teaching him was true. He forgot the question and admitted that in the prayer but then told us after that he does believe it to be true! He has a lot more to work on and learn, but it's been really amazing to see him progress to where he is right now. :)

We also had a little miracle! My first night in Carnation we were walking around when this lady stopped her car next to us and referred us to her daughter. The directions were in Spanish and not the best so we never ended up finding the right house no matter how hard we tried! Fast forward to this week! We were walking around trying to find this specific house of a new referral when we decided to knock on a door nearby. We ran into the referral from two and a half months ago! Wow! She said she's interested in learning and knowing more! We are so excited for her!!

Alright, the crazy from last night! The stake realigned boundaries, dissolved wards and created new ones. As missionaries we were speechless. Carnation ward didn't really change but the second ward we cover totally did! We now cover the Cherry Creek ward. Haha... The zone leaders had to call everyone last night and inform them which areas they would be covering... That's how crazy it was!! We lost a lot of members in the Big Rock ward but also gained some new ones. It will be interesting to see what happens this next week because so many things changed in seconds with people we were working with and so on. It will be a great new clean slate though! We were sad to loose a bishop but we also received an awesome new one! It was crazy. Right before they announced our new bishop (and right after they released EVERYONE in the wards) Sister Boman and I knew instantly that he would be the new bishop. We love their family!

Tomorrow we have a visiting 70 to hear from and we are pumped for General Conference! We heard there are going to be even more changes... Can't wait!

My birthday is the 5th Saturday of the transfer this month annnnd will be our Festival of Finding! Whooh! Also, (fingers crossed) it will be Dolores' baptism! We might just be in Kent that night. :)



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