September 3, 2018


Carnation, WA


Sister Boman

Progressing Investigators & Awesome Members

Hello, Everyone!
Wow, this week! Jeremey is still doing great and has pretty much given up on all smoking! We are so excited for him! Life has been moving pretty quickly, but he's been out of town for the weekend!

We've also heard from Cam again! He's been meeting with the missionaries three times a week and enrolled himself into institute! He's even planning on changing roommates and moving in with some members! He also watched the hour restoration movie! Haha...

I also have to share an awesome member moment! Last night we were teaching this man again who we met a few weeks ago and invited a member to help us. Our investigator hadn't been willing to read or even take a Book of Mormon so this was our last try before dropping him. Anyways, the member was a really awesome help, but, at the end, the man still wouldn't take a Book of Mormon. The member ran inside to get something and we were really sad. We all basically agreed that there was nothing else we as missionaries could do. Then, right before the man walked out the door, the member turns to us and says, "There's not much else you can do... but I can." He basically leaped to the door and calmly started getting the man's number, agreed to go to his church next week, even though it was about an hour away, and offerd to go over a chapter of the Book of Mormon with him and discuss any concerns. You should've seen how determined he was! We love our members here!

I'll send pictures of the hike we went on. Carnation and Duvall are SO beautiful!

Oh! Here's another update! Stephanie, from Federal Way, is getting baptized in two weeks and Dolores from Kent is still on date and has been able to come to church in the morning!!



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