August 20, 2018


Carnation, WA


Sister Boman

An Awesome Pass Along, Festival of Finding & a Sunday Miracle!

Earlier this week we got to go to the temple on P-Day and it was beautiful. I love the feelings that come as we have this opportunity to do the work for those who have passed on! We met with Jeremey after (he called us as we were coming out of the temple). He was curious so we got to teach him all about it! It was awesome! He gets really distracted though, so we have to help him stay focused!

We also had a chance to teach Cam one last time before he left for school! He is so awesome! He's really someone who searches for answers to questions he has! We had to do some sleuthing because our office was closed and he was really nervous about going to church and not knowing anyone in his new area! We were able to find the number for the YSA elders in Boise and they met with Cam and he told us he was excited for church!! YAY. We also later heard that he told one of his friends that the best thing about Boise State is the missionaries. Success. He will one day be baptized. Hopefully!

We also had zone conference this week and our Festival of Finding (which is new to the Seattle mission and was a little crazy because of it...)! Zone conference was good! It was great to meet new missionaries and recieve some more training!

The Festival of Finding was great as well! We go on splits with other sisters in our areas. I went with Sister Scott, my old companion (!!!!), and Sister Zhong (my fav missionary from China- she's hilarious.)! We were able to teach tons of lessons and talk to so many people! It really allowed me to see how much these missionaries care about the people we meet and run into, how this gospel can truly help them and bring so much happiness!

We also saw a miracle! We were sad Sunday morning because all our investigators who usually come to church were out of town or had moved. Then we received a text from Anderson, asking us for the church building's address!!!!!! He was able to come to church and the members just surrounded him, got to know him and started fellowshipping! It was awesome!!! We set up a time to do service for him this week and ran around letting the other auxiliaries know and invited them to come help! We have amazing members in this area!!!!



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