August 14, 2018


Carnation, WA


Sister Boman

Temple Trip & Word of Wisdom Help

We had our temple trip today!! Right now we are riding back as a zone in a huge van. I'm going to stop emailing and take a picture for you!

I hope you guys (Tory & Monica) enjoyed Seattle while you were here!! I was running yesterday morning and everything was covered in mist. It was beautiful!

This week has been good and a struggle. We've seen miracles but I've also wanted to pull my hair out at times. That's alright though!

We taught Jeremey the Word of Wisdom. He's been smoking since he was eight so he wasn't sure he could quit but was willing to try. He was down to ten cigarettes a day before we taught him. We committed him to three a day! Fast forward to one of our next lessons and he told us that he tried to smoke a cigarette that morning but couldn't even finish it because of how bad it made him cough. That's never happened to him before. He's continued to cough whenever he falls back into the habit and smokes. He's now down to one cigarette a day and we know we can get him off of smoking by the end of THIS WEEK. We invited him to come running with us in the morning to keep him from thinking about it. He's going to try it this weakened! We know that that's a gift from God to help him stop. His whole family has always smoked. I think now that he's aware of God's will and the Word of Wisdom and has a desire to stop, the Lord is aware. He knows Jeremey! Jeremey has shared with us that this is the happiest he's ever been. :)

This gospel is amazing!!

Our temple trip was also wonderful. We only get to go every six months so we really really look forward to it!

We are also now teaching this Hispanic, Chava, English by reading the Book of Mormon with him! Sister Boman is actually bilingual so it's been easier than teaching Zahada!

OH. Also, miracle with Cam, the 18 year old we talked with last Sunday! We were able to teach him this week and it turns out he's been interested for years and asking questions here and there because he grew up next to some awesome members! He has his own quad of scriptures and is in Jacob in the Book of Mormon!!! WHAT? I KNOW. IT'S CRAZY. Sad thing is that he leaves for college this Thursday and we only get one more day to teach him in person. We'll be setting up a pass off lesson with the missionaries by his college. He is so cool though! He's one of those people who have really wanted religion in their life and tried to find it! His family isn't religious and at twelve years old he convinced them to take him to a church... cool stuff! He really wants to learn :)

Ok! That's really it for this week!!



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