July 9, 2018


Kent, Washington


Sister Espinoza

A Week of Agency & Miracles

Okay, this week... Wow! A week of agency but also one of miracles!

Natalya, Izabella's mom, said she believes the Book of Mormon is true and that she's been talking to other family members about it too! WOW. Blessings! She's been reading and studying so much too!

We also had another miracle with Angie and Ismail! Angie is a women who we got a random referral for from other missionaries. They drove by and felt prompted to have us go meet them! Angie's brother is a Bishop is Hawaii and she basically explained to us what the BoM is and why we need it, when paired with the Bible! So cool! Haha...

We stopped yesterday for some quick contact... Mistake. Don't do that with Pacific Islanders. They asked us to come in and then told us that on Sunday they have a family feast. We sat down and I slowly came to the realization that the only thing on the table were different kind of meats.... pork, ham, steak, etc. We joined their family feast! We had our second lunch that hour and I was ready to role down those front steps at the end (and we were of course late to our next appointment)!

Ismail on the other hand is actually Muslim and we had randomly contacted him on the street last week! We found out that he had been reading the Book of Mormon we gave him and had a lot of questions! IT WAS SO COOL. I don't know if it will go anywhere else, but it is a little difficult to have lessons (lessons, not discussions) with those from the Islamic faith. We talk to them a lot, but it hasn't gone too far. He was so nice though and really wanted to learn!

Sweet moment with Zahada, the women we teach English to from Afghanistan: We were trying to get her more comfortable with speaking English and were going over some of the things she had already learned. Her husband asked her who we were, and in her broken English she responded, "Dey are my Sesters!" It warmed my heart! Munir is still reading the BoM but we haven't had time to really talk about it with him. They are also Muslim and such a sweet family! :)

OUR 80 YR OLD INVESTIGATOR IS PROGRESSING! She's been reading the BoM and now understands the need for the priesthood! YAY!! She is doing so great!

This week was also a week of agency: We had a few run-ins with people who are obviously receiving answers from God, but chose not to act on it. I used to think that it was only those prepared that God gives answers or nudges to, but I see now that isn't true. It's a little sad, but I also see it as a way God is preparing people for the future so they will accept the gospel!



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