July 2, 2018


Kent, Washington


Sister Espinoza

Bless This Mess! Officially Part of the Seattle Mission...

This week was busy but great! On Tuesday we officially became part of the Seattle mission! Whooh! Our favorite quote that day was, "BLESS THIS MESS." It was a little crazy. Our apps kicked us off and we lost a ton of info. We couldn't get into the system for a while! There were also a ton of changes in who was doing what, who to contact, and all the fun stuff! We survived though!!

We had zone conference this week and it was awesome! It was fun to see people annnnnnnd, PRESIDENT TOLD US THAT WE GET TO GO SEE PRESIDENT NELSON WHEN HE COMES TO SEATTLE IN SEPTEMBER!!!! YAY!!! Haha, Jack, our Philippino investigator wants to meet President Nelson and asked us to pray for him so he can do that! We haven't told him yet, but we can also get a ticket for him to come with us!

We had some crazy finding moments today! We were driving to park, to go teach English to our favorite Afghani family, when we got an impression that we needed to share the gospel with this man we saw. We stopped in the middle of the street, put our hazards on and followed him up the stairs to tell him that we had been sent by a prophet of God to share a sacred message with him. We might've been trying to catch our breath while saying it, but you get the point! We had a lesson with him, gave him a BoM and set a return appointment. We've had another lesson since and we also have one tonight! He's cool!

We also had Festival of Finding (every 5th Saturday)! Haha... There was one point where we were preaching to a man on his balcony and testifying of the Book of Mormon. We obviously had to leave him with a book and I went to climb up the railing to give it to him (anything to share the gospel) when he stopped me and just told me to throw it up. I was hesitant BECAUSE IT IS THE BOOK OF MORMON AND THE WORD OF GOD, but he convinced me that he would catch it. I took a leap (throw) of faith and threw it up. He caught it (thank goodness) and we were also able to get his number and address to refer him (he was just visiting)! HE WILL ONE DAY BE BAPTIZED.

Okay, other miracles: Izabella's mom is on date to be baptized!!!! We also had another finding moment with a man named Allejandro. We were kinda giving up on him and about to leave, but wanted to at least leave him with a prayer. We offered a prayer and afterwards, he told us that he could see the light so clearly when he closed his eyes. He said usually he has to search for it, but it was SO bright when we offered that prayer. We told him it was a sign from God and that we have been sent as his authorized representatives. We got his address and he said we could go back, but we're not sure what will come of it!

On a funnier note, we have this hilarious investigator. Her name is Courtney and she doesn't read much. She's a mom of 4 and majorly sassy. We were reading the intro with her and she was like, "WHAT??? The hands of macaroni??? Macaroni had gold plates???" She was so confused. We of course explained it actually said Moroni. She also had heard rumors that Joseph Smith had received the BoM from a caterpillar outside his window... we're working on her! We got her to pray for the first time too and she's reading the Book of Mormon!



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