June 25, 2018


Kent, Washington


Sister Espinoza

Izabella's Awesome Baptism & Updates on Investigators

Hi, Everyone!

It was amazing. She's the only member in her family now. We had a lesson with her a few days before and she started tearing up about how it was difficult to make this decision because there are family members of hers who keep telling her she's making a mistake. My heart just broke. She is so amazing though and she loves learning about the gospel! She was super nervous for her baptism, but everything went well. Oh, she's also a 16 yr old girl and got back with her boyfriend the day after I told you they broke up. They broke up again this week, but, you guessed it, they're already got back together again. Even when they weren't together she was completely set on her baptism. Did I already mention she prepared who would give the talks and prayers and whatnot at her baptism? She was on top of it and whenever we left her with a commitment (always, of course) she would kind of roll her eyes and say, "of course I will."

I got to hear a little bit of about when she first went to church with the Laney's (awesome fellowship family) and how she wrote Sister Laney a note, basically telling her how their church was wrong and this is what they should be doing, etc. She has come SO far. I adore that girl. She's also the one who wants to serve a mission!

Oh! We also had to meet with Izabella's mom to get her signature on the baptismal records. After her baptism we set up a lesson time and gave her a tour of the church!

Also, Jack IS READING THE BOOK OF MORMON. Wow. We actually went prepared to the lesson to drop him ("Jack... you can't just read the first, middle and last verse of a chapter. It doesn't work like that!") because he was not progressing. Theeeen, we found out that that he had read all the way to 1 Nephi 9 that week! YAY! We get to hear more of his prayers (that he usually sings) and keep meeting with him! We took him off date, but he's still progressing! He's the sweetest!

This week was the week for dropping. We dropped our Nigerian Catholic priest because he wasn't progressing and he followed us out of the apartment wondering when we would come back. He loves listening to us but he wasn't progressing. It was sad to say goodbye, but necessary. :( We also dropped another investigator and a few PI's we had been working with. Sad day.

We got some AWESOME new investigators who we are so excited for! We had a miracle with one, Rose, who's on date to be baptized. She's already marked her calendar. She is so sweet!! We could really feel the spirit during the restoration lesson. We asked her how she felt after we shared the first vision and she said, "Like I'm floating!" It was neat!

Also, I just heard that Brother Bessette is off coffee and JUST RECEIVED THE AARONIC PRIESTHOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy for him!!! Love and miss the Bessettes! :)

Okay, I LOVE YOU LOTS AND LOTS AND MISS YOU TONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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