June 4, 2018


Kent, Washington


Sister Espinoza

New Area, New Companion, New Investigators & a New Member!

Wow! So much has happened! My new companion is Sister Espinoza and she keeps me laughing! She's from San Diego, CA and is the first person to serve a mission in her family! She's pretty chill which is sometimes good for me... Haha... Here's an example: We're teaching this women from Nigeria who always feeds us food when we come over. ALWAYS. It's rude in her culture not to. Annnnnnd, it's really rude to not eat all the food.... Yep, we always try to avoid it, but we come out stumbling from being over stuffed. Anyways, I was praying over the food Javina had given me, and Sis Espinoza sees and scoots closer and whispers to me, asking if I can also pray for her food as she scoots back and continues to eat. When we got out of the lesson, she even checked with me to see if I had prayed for her food as well... haha... no worries, I included her food too! That food is the spiciest food I've ever had... It BURNS. AND WE HAVE TO EAT IT ALL AND KEEP SMILING AND TEACHING. AHHHHHHH. Javina told me it wasn't even that spicy too....

Another story about my new companion is when we were kneeling, about to say a pray, she stops me and gets close to my face, and basically tells me if I ever leave the church or become inactive that SHE'LL FIND ME AND HUNT ME DOWN and remind me of why I went on a mission and how much I know it's true. Haha, she even mimed standing outside my window and knocking to find me... I think I'm set for life. I of course told her that that's a two way deal and she better be ready if anything ever happens... :)

We are working with a man from the Philippines named Jack! Oh Jack... he's hilarious. He sang the WHOLE closing prayer a few lessons ago! Sister Espinoza and I could barely hold it in! He's also already going around telling people he's Mormon. We asked him to read a certain chapter in the Book of Mormon and later found out he only read the first, middle, and last verse.... JACK! He's on date to be baptized and we're working with him!

We have a baptism coming up this Saturday! It's for a 10 year old named Ian and he's so cute! We're so happy for him!

We also had a dinner and a lesson with members and our newest convert of 3 weeks! He's awesome! He's from Kenya and is soooooo tall. I'll send a pic! He's so sweet though. His name is Moses!

We have amazing members in the area and are about to pick things up a bit!



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