May 14, 2018


Jovita Creek Ward in Federal Way


Sister Scott

Five New Investigators!

This week was great! We ended up with five new investigators (YAYAY!) and have a lot of awesome lessons (hopefully) coming up! Haha... one investigator, who's actually just an inactive (majorly) is someone we see everywhere. EVERYWHERE. Sister Scott explained it as Where's Waldo? but the opposite... We don't really want to find him... God is just putting him in our path so we're following! Nice guy, just... Tangent, tangent, tangent.

Anyways, some other great things that's happened was with Alaina, our 11 year-old investigator! It's so cool to hear her testimony of the Book of Mormon grow! We're going to have to move her baptism date back, but she's doing well! She told us that when she reads the Book of Mormon, she feels closer to God. WOW. At 11 years old! The BoM is powerful. :)

Another cool thing that happened was with an investigator named Tyler and his roommate. His roommate's grandma just passed away, and we had the opportunity to testify and share a scripture on how he'd be able to see her again one day. It made him tear up a bit, this grown man, as we're talking to him on his porch. Tyler told us that even though he wasn't going to convert (hahaha), we'd touched his life (I told him we weren't done with him just yet). That was only our third time meeting with him. Missions are basically just opportunities to change lives!

I also got to talk to some recent converts about what meant the most to them when joining the church and taking the missionary discussions! Brother Klotz (Catholic) said church and pre-mortal life! Wow! I didn't even realize how powerful church is. It even strengthened his testimony when he saw the church was kept pretty plain. Cool!

Libby (Christian and homeless when taking the discussions) said it was the sister missionaries asking her if she knew who she was -> a daughter of God and the plan of salvation. God really is preparing people in so many ways and something different sticks out to each person.

Alright, last little bit. Angie, our investigator from Saipan (who likes to brag she has American friends), is someone we invited to be baptized this week. Haha........ She said "yeah," when we invited her to be baptized, but when we invited her to go to the Mormon church in Saipan she was like, "Oh no, no no, if I leave my church and go to the Mormon church, my life will be ruined!" Now just add an awesome Saipan accent and you get the story. We're working on the language barrier and we got her address to refer her when she gets home!

LOVE YA LOTS AND LOTS!!!!! So much fun to talk to you!!! I'll even send you pics! <3



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