April 9, 2018


Jovita Creek Ward in Federal Way


Sister Riggs

LDS Tools & Changing Lives!

The beginning of this week started with a little heartache over a conversation we had with some of our investigators. They are not officially on date anymore, but hopefully everything will work out! They have the most AMAZING testimonies and are so ready! They even got the chance to meet our mission president again (who popped in for our sacrament meeting and gospel principles class:)) and it calmed their nerves a lot. Blessings!!!

Thanks for asking about the recent convert! We've been keeping up with him and he's doing better. Annnd it's all because of our members! They're amazing!!! We let his home teacher know a little bit of what was going on and he reached out, invited him to lunch to see how he was doing and set up a play date for both of their daughters! We also challenged the RC to read the scriptures every day and he has another member that he's been trying to do that with this week! He let us know they had read multiple chapters together and everything.

We also had zone conference this week! Yay! It was awesome! Long, but awesome! We really went over goal setting and online proselyting. President and Sister Rasmussen are really great and obviously prepare and put a lot of work into these conferences.

Something else that happened was we got some great referrals! With the newly updated LDS Tools app, you can send a simple referral to the missionaries in a second! A lot of people do it for other members out of state, who they worry about or even a non-member referral, to teach or just offer service! It's awesome! We also send updates back to the person who referred them and keep them updated on events or progress.

The cutest thing ever happened. Someone we're working with, Brother Bessette, asked Sister Riggs and I to sign his Bible we got him. He brought the huge book to church and loves it. It's finally starting to sink in that we're changing lives. We ran into a TON of people at Winco today and one of them was a women named Belinda. She's been receiving the lessons from the Hermanas in our area and was recently baptized. She glowed. It was honestly so amazing to meet her. She basically shared how happy she is and how much joy the gospel has brought her. She mentioned that people keep trying to tell her she's doing something wrong by joining the church, but if it's wrong, why does it make her so incredibly happy? She had been looking out for missionaries because she knew we all shop there and was excited to meet us!

One last thing that left me quite amused. Sister Riggs and I are trying to be healthier and one day we planned on having a bottle of water before every meal. We recently found out that what had been causing our headaches was too much water and not enough electrolytes! Oops! So that backfired just a little bit!

Sister Riggs is such an amazing example. One of her sister's wedding was this week and we were feeling a little down (headaches from too much water) and a lot of appointments has been canceled. We ended up finding three new investigators just that day though!

That's all for now!

Love ya lots and lots!

Sister Adair


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