March 26, 2018


Jovita Creek Ward in Federal Way


Sister Riggs

Feeling Better, Lots of Diversity, Awesome Miracle & Super Sweet Letter From Sis. Riggs

I'm feeling a lot better this week! Really. Last week around this time was rough and I was getting a little frustrated. I eat pretty healthy, I exercise every day (except Sundays!) and I don't usually get sick like this! Oh well!

I loved the photos! You and dad look so happy and AZ looks so SUNNY. Also, the tank looks awesome! I can't wait to see all the plants begin to grow more! Does Matt still want to get the poisonous dart frogs? Also, Annie looks so cute! I like the car! Hmmm... I also like the shirt... It looks a little familiar? Lol. I hope everyone is taking good care of my clothes! I hope I can go shopping some time when I get home! Who knows what will happen! The shirt looks cute on her though!

Yes, Sister Riggs is super nice. Crazy nice. She's also a fantastic missionary. I knew she was sending it because she asked for our address but I have no idea what it said! She wouldn't tell me! Dad's work usually slows down in the summer, right? I hope everything is going well!

This week started off a bit slow because I was sick, but it still went well! Sister Bessette was the sweetest when she found out I was sick and everyone was really caring. Even though I'd rather not get sick (EVER AGAIN) It did open my eyes a bit...

On more important notes... We have Sue on date to be baptized and she's the sweetest older women ever. She calls us her girls and makes treats for us when we're coming by. We also went on exchanges this week! I stayed in our area again while Sister Riggs went into the Star Lake area about 20 min away! It was brought to my attention how diverse this area is. We teach and talk to people from all over the world (ex: Hispanic, Russian, Indonesian, Ukrainian, from all over parts of Africa (Kenya), England, other places in Europe, basically every pacific island and tons of Asians from Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China and SO MANY OTHERS.) and it's super cool to have all this diversity! Sometimes (alright, a lot of the time) the language barrier is super tough, but it's still really cool. That means there's also a ton of different religions. We are also still working with Gloria and starting to read more from the Book of Mormon with her!

We had an awesome miracle last Monday. We had an investigator reach out for a priesthood blessing. Some bad stuff had been going on in the house (like... bad as in she hung up a cross and attached chicken feet to ward off evil spirits). Everything worked together at the last minute, getting a hold of someone in the bishopric who had met her 4 years ago and knew a little of her situation. It was seriously such a beautiful blessing and it was powerful. The family really needed the priesthood and the blessings from that in their home. She was crying after and felt the spirit so strongly.

We got some new investigators this week and got a lot of PI (potential investigators) by continually updating the area book and putting info in from so many years and areas. We are also SUPER excited for conference and Easter! I can't wait for those we're working with to experience it! Yay!

That's all for this week!

P.S. Please no candy in the Easter package... It breaks my heart to say that, but we're staying healthy!



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