March 12, 2018


Jovita Creek Ward in Federal Way


Sister Riggs

Loving Sunshine & Mission Life & Amazing Changes in Investigators

THE SUN IS OUT. YAYAYAYAYAY. SUN. SUUUUUN. I've missed it.Really, though.We were cleaning the other day and the sun was out and shining through the window. I just sat down in the room for a few minutes enjoying the sun and taking in all the warmth until Sis Riggs wondered what had happened to me and came in. It was glorious. I am appreciating AZ more and more, but Washington is still beautiful! We run twice a week for our exercise of the day and it really is so pretty in the morning and green and wet, but pretty!

Alright, this week. It was so great! I love mission life! Sometimes you really miss things (like the fambam and listening to music other than the MOTAB), but I'm learning over and over again to just enjoy the now and the wonderful experiences I get to have and the people I get to meet!

On that topic, here's some awesome things that happened this week!

First, Deb and Smokey! AHHH. The gospel really can change people and, as missionaries, we get to see these awesome changes! What I didn't expect though (for some odd reason) is for our investigators also to see them! We were reading in 2 Nephi 4 with them and Deb pointed out how she has seen that change is Smokey! His heart has really been softed, honestly, his whole countenance. Another moment that seriously touched my heart is when Deb asked Bro Cahan (awesome member who has been super good friends to them for years!) to baptize her. It made my whole week. It was after sacrament meeting and Smokey had nudged me and nodded to Deb to get my attention. She asked Bro Cahan and it brought tears to both their eyes before he pulled her into a hug. This has been something the Cahans have been praying for, for years! They were both so happy!

We also had our Festival of Finding! YAY. It's where we find from 10 in the morning till 5 at night! We were knocking doors at this apartment complex (I was on an exchange with a Hermana in her area!) and we knocked on this door. We ended up talking to this women who had a niece who was fighting for her life at this time. There were three girls behind us about to go into the apartment and the women basically asked us to pray for her niece. She reached for my hand and all 6 of us ended up praying in a circle, holding hands for this girl who was about to die. It's really interesting how people respond to us as missionaries!

Here's another miracle! FRUIT! We were trying to have this lesson with a man named Albert, but weren't able to get a third female and ended up being late to the lesson, so we rescheduled and we offered to bring him something he likes. He wanted fruit. Fast-forward to the next day when we were going to meet. We called a few minutes before to confirm but stopped at this members house to pick up this addiction book for an investigator. She randomly offered us a fruit tray. She had 4 in the back of her car for a service project she was about to do and didn't need that many. WE WERE ABLE TO GIVE ALBERT HIS FRUIT AND IT WAS A MIRACLE. "Coincidences" like this happen all the time! It's amazing!

Alright, I have to give a shout out to all the things I get to study! IT IS SO MUCH FUN TO LEARN. Especially when we have instigators who are so devoted to the Bible and we learn so much from all the canon we have for scripture!

Some other fun stuff that happened is Sis Riggs giving a solo in sacrament (I sneakily took a video when she was practicing before. I'll send it!), being asked to talk at the mission devotional (this Sunday), and our zone leaders asking us to begin this new thing we're doing this transfer by sharing a faith building experience with the zone about our investigators from that week! I also am now the designated driver in the companionship! We finally got my driving stuff in and approved (THANKS MOM) and we've been waiting to switch because... Let's just say there have been some near death experiences with Sis Riggs' driving... Love her though! We also have Elder Costa from the Quorum of the Seventy coming to speak to us tomorrow!

That's all from this week! LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!

Sister Adair


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