February 27, 2018


Jovita Creek Ward in Federal Way


Sister Riggs

Awesome Investigators, Mastering Phones, Zone Conference & Funny Sis. Riggs.

The first awesome thing that happened this week was getting another investigator on date! Her name is D. and she's so great! Her and her husband have been good friends with some members for years and are finally wanting to take the lessons more seriously! Her husband even said it was ok if we transferred his records into the ward annnnd he's been on the do not contact list for a while! So this is so awesome! They came to church this Sunday and it was so much fun to see them there! They even invited us over for dinner earlier in the week and made a huge deal of us coming to dinner! It was super sweet.

We had dinner with a part member family in our ward a few days ago and that was also so great! They are super fun to talk to and had a friend over! Her name was Marilyn and she's blind. Marilyn was hilarious. She brought this frozen 5 pound rib in her backpack, from LA to WA (through airport security and everything) so Brother L. (who isn't actually a member) could cook it up for them for dinner. She's apparently planning on taking the leftovers back with her. Anyways, she's super cool and so funny! Runs a jewelry business and travels all over the country for this singing group she's apart of!

Oh! We had a zone conference that lasted all day. It was all about learning how to use our new smart phones to hasten the work! I also learned how to check my oil (we do car maintenance checks every ZC) so that was great too! Couldn't feel my toes after, but still great! AND! I got to meet my grandma and my great grandma (my trainer's trainer and her trainer). We got a pic! I'll have to send it later! My trainer is still a newbie herself, so we have the whole generation together right now!

Another cool thing that happened this week is getting to know a member, Sister A., better! The sister missionaries helped re-activated her and she is so awesome! She left the church when she was younger and got into some major addictions. She has an awesome testimony of the 12 step program for addictions in the church! She was telling us that it's really only the repentance process in 12 steps. She's so cool. She carries around this coin that shows the armor of God and how we have to armor up. She actually carries it around to give to someone else and recently gave that coin away. She gave me one to also carry with me always and, when the time is right, give it to someone who needs it more than I do. She gave it to a dad who just got his daughter out of the psych ward after she played with a ouija board and started hearing voices. Sister A. is cool though, someone who you could tell anything.

One more thing!!! We've had to transfer all the old history and lesson reports from our area into our phone and area book app. It's been so much work and insane. I'll include a pic of us weeping internally as we do it.

An elder who's companions with an elder from my MTC zone (and serving in another state) emailed me and asked for a pic of me and my mom (my trainer).

No need for that! Thank you though! Enjoy the work!
"See that ye serve Him with all of your heart, might, mind, and strength that ye may stand blameless before God at the last day."

We hope that you are able to baptize converts and preach repentance with all the joy that Christ can give! You are awesome, keep it up.

Love, the Mother.
(Mother knows best)

Ahhh, she's hilarious. I'm sure that he was just being friendly or messing around, but no one gets that past Sister Riggs.

Goodbye for now!


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