February 6, 2018


Jovita Creek Ward in Federal Way


Sister Riggs

Seattle Temple Trip, Investigators & Getting Punched in the Face!

THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE PHOTOS! Could you possibly send a few family photos? I need some of Matt! There's this Elder who looks so much like him in my district it blows my mind! Sometimes I just find myself staring at him in amazement and have to forcefully shake myself out of it. Hopefully he doesn't take it the wrong way... Oops!

This week has been great! I'm still learning a lot! That will probably never end on the mission or in life, but it's still great! Oh! The reason I didn't email you on Monday is because we had our P-day moved to Tuesday this week so we could go to the temple! We went to the Seattle temple and it was beautiful! Going to the temple today was fantastic!

Sooo this week... My favorite miracle was an investigator turning to us after a lesson and asking to be baptized! It was amazing! Of course before that she said she could never give up coffee sooo... still a long ways to go! Another thing that happened that was remarkable was having a certain investigator really open up to Sister Riggs and I! It's so crazy how honest some people are with missionaries! Two of our investigators were actually admitting how much easier it is to talk to young boys or girls and how we're way less intimidating... thank you? Haha! Anyways people really do open up so much... about marriage problems, children problems, addictions, family issues... so many things that people are going through!

GUESS WHAT?? I GOT PUNCHED IN THE FACE. It was only a little punch and it was by this 2 year old so it didn't hurt too bad! BUT STILL! My companion actually told me that he once slapped her super hard... this family needs the gospel. They have some abusive problems with the dad, but are so great and genuine! The dad actually sat in during one of the lessons annnd... sometimes it's really hard to see people as God's children. I've seen better sides of him, but I know the family is going through some other hard things as well.

Anyways, I've really felt the spirit this week in different promptings and it just blows my mind how it's really a learning process!



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