January 13, 2018


Provo MTC


Sister Sawyer

Our District, Elder Bednar's Visit, Pres. Nelson, & MTC Food

It’s so awesome to get your emails! I love hearing from you! This week has been great! I feel like we’ve all been getting super close as a district! Our Elders are the sweetest! They invited the Sisters to read Jesus the Christ together one night and it was so spiritual. We’ve tried to do it every night since!

Hmm... let me think what’s happened this week... my district got asked to usher on Sunday for the devo and that was fun! Tuesday night we had Elder Bednar come and talk to us for devo! He talked about the succession in the church and it was so cool. I’ll have to send you a pick of my notes! He discussed the priesthood, the priesthood keys, and how there’s no doubt who the next Prophet is, the unanimous vote is just for when for Prez Nelson will be set apart. He’s 93 and apparently skies in his free time (PRESERVED BY THE LORD). Really though. We’ve been teaching two investigators three times a week so far! One investigator is seriously the sweetest. We invited her to President Monson’s funeral with us and she cried during the whole thing.

When reading Jesus the Christ I kinda brought up what the Elders thought on their view on women and it was so sweet what the had to say. One night after reading, the Elders stopped us and told us that they were so grateful we were all in the same district and that they were also so grateful for our sweet spirits.

The MTC food is kinda killing me. It’s all gross. I’ve survived off of fruit, salad, and wraps. I’ve got to exercise almost every day! I hurt my ankle racing the Elders so I’m slowing down a little bit.. I still made the whole district do abs yesterday though! My schedule is so busy! I’ll send a pic later today! By the way, I can read your emails everyday, but I can only respond on Saturday!

I hope you know how much I appreciate and love you! I think about you and dad all the time and miss you both!


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