March 1, 2021



Mission Accomplished

Sent: Monday, March 1, 2021 10:00 PM

Subject: Mission Accomplished

Hello friends!

This is going to be a hard email to write because this will be the last weekly I will send. This is such a bittersweet time for me, and one that never felt like it would actually arrive. I wanted to thank you all for the support, prayers,
and love. My heart is so grateful for each of you and the impact you have made on my development.

My last full week as a missionary was a busy one for sure! My companion and I spent (too) many hours in the office haha. But, I am honestly just so grateful to be in the service of the Lord. It is the most fulfilling work to be engaged
in. Fun things from the week: President Oaks joined our sacrament meeting, President and Sister Larsen took us to their cute little apartment (the same apt President Nelson lives in lol) for homemade waffles, I got to give a virtual tour to my sweet family,
I got to take Sister Kim to Taco Bell for her first time, we had an AWESOME devotional about the Salt Lake City Temple (I've got some good info to share), President and Sister Littlefield (my BFFs) took us out to dinner, we had some really sweet lessons with
our friends, I got to call my mom on her birthday, I had my departing lunch, and felt so much joy though it all! I love being a missionary!!!

My mission has been the hardest experience of my life, harder than I ever could have imagined. However, as I look back on the past 18 months, my mind isn't filled with the 'hard' but rather flooded with so much JOY! I feel the biggest and
most heart-felt gratitude for everything the Lord has given me. My sacrifice has been nothing compared to the blessings and miracles I have seen so clearly. My heart is full when I think about the wonderful 13 companions/best friends I have been blessed to
serve with, the special (and sometimes crazy) people I have met on Square, the experiences I have had sharing my testimony with friends that are so dear to me, the different opportunities I have had to serve the Sisters, Spirit-filled studies where the scriptures
have been unfolded before me, and most of all, the relationship I have developed with my Savior whom I love so dearly. My mission has been far from perfect. I definitely have felt like a "weak and simple thing", yet the Lord has enabled me to be so much more
and do so much more than I ever could on my own. I think about the day when I knelt in prayer, full of fear, deciding if I should serve a mission or not. I think about my Heavenly Father, knowing everything I would experience if I would have the courage to
trust Him and go. He knew all along. He knew the precious and tender memories I would cherish, and wanted me to have them. He knew I would need them for my progression. I am sure He looked down on this scared girl, who never thought she would even be asking
this question, and He filled her heart with peace and comfort. He whispered to her that she not only should go on a mission, but that she would never be alone in doing so and that she would feel the most immense joy in His service. I am so grateful that my
Heavenly Father knew what was best for me. He knew that I would love this special place and special people with all my heart. My heart is so full of gratitude for His gentle urge that ended with me serving this mission.

While I am terrified to come home, I feel confidence in the Lord. I have learned how to trust Him and have seen the promise come true that "all things work together for good to them that love God." I don't know what my future holds, but
I feel hope and peace knowing that while I will no longer wear my Savior's name on a tag, I will forever wear it on my heart. I am excited to continue being a lifelong disciple of Jesus Christ!

I love you all so so much! I will see you soon!!

❤Sister Cox


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