January 4, 2021



Remember, Remember

From: Kourtney Cox

Sent: Monday, January 4, 2021 8:47 PM

Subject: Remember, Remember

Hello hello:)

Sorry for my lack of weeklies lately, ya girl is busy;) The past few weeks have been crazy, but so good! I had a very different, yet very special Christmas. I had the opportunity to serve more and help things run smoothly for all the sisters.
It was great to serve like Christ did on Christmas and to see how happy everyone was:)

We had zone conference last week!! It was quite the process for my companion and I to decide on a training. We had a really broad idea that we felt good about, but needed specific guidance. It was a really powerful experience as my companion
and I knelt in prayer, studied, and sought the will of the Lord. It didnt come all at once, or even very quickly, but it came in such a sweet and beautiful way. It was an experience that I will never forget. I leave that revelation is real, the power of the
Holy Spirit is undeniable, and that the Lord truly does lead and guide us.

When we finally received inspiration for our training, it was beautiful to see how it was COMPLETELY, entirely not ours- it was the Lords. The theme was "Remember, Rememer". We talked about the importance of that word and why it is used
so frequently in the Book of Mormon. Our Heavenly Father loves us, and is aware us. Sometimes we feel forgotten, but that is only because we fail to remember who we truly are and the ways His love has already been manifest. (There may or may not have been
a reference to the Lion King).One of the important roles of the Spirit is to bring things to our remembrance, and this is so crucial when we ponder the nature of God and our relationship with Him. I thought I would be so terrified presenting our training,
but my companion and I were so excited to share the knowledge we had gained with the sisters. Christ strengthened and enabled me to say the words He wanted me to:) I am grateful to be an instrument in his hands!

While we have been busy in the office, we have been so blessed to find time to teach. This week we found a new person named Linda, the sweetest little lady. Each time we call her, I want to say "Linda, Linda listen. Honey listen" (I know
Chase will get that one). She is so prepared! She met with missionaries 3 years ago and really enjoyed it but lost contact when she moved. My companion and I were able to teach the Restoration. We both were a bit nervous as we are a little rusty on our teaching
skills haha, but it was so beautiful and spirit filled. We prayed that the Lord would fill our mouths, and He answered. It was the clearest time either of us had taught the lesson. Throughout its entirety, she would say "so you are telling me that Joseph Smith
became a prophet" and "so what I understand is that the Book of Mormon is all about Jesus Christ". Her mind and heart were engaged engaged! At the end of the lesson, we knelt in prayer together and she said "I need that book!... do you have my address?" She
told us that this was clearer than she understood 3 years ago and that she wanted to give it a real chance. She said that she feels like Joseph Smith and just wants to know the truth. I think she knows she had found it:) we are super excited for Linda! Good
thing Linda is listening;)

This week I hit my "2 months left" mark. It is so weird to me how fast time is flying by. Sometimes I feel nervous and excited and stressed and happy. My emotions are all over the place haha. I love being a missionary with all my heart.
It is so hard at times, but it makes it more worth it to me. Christ is real and He is what has kept me through it all. My relationship with my Savior is my most valuable treasure!

Love you all!! I would love to hear from each of you! Have a great week! Remember who you are:)

❤Sister Cox

My fam on Christmas, my comp, nee years with some fav sisters, and cute little Cesar + our popcorn addiction


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