February 6, 2021

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Update from the Temple Square Mission

Dear Parents,

Thank you for entrusting us with your beautiful daughters. It is truly a joy to serve with them and to be united with them in proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We love each of them as if they were our own and are committed to keeping them safe and

We feel so blessed that the Temple Square Mission has been able to live through this global pandemic for 10 months without a single case of Covid-19 in our sister missionaries. We consider this to be a tremendous blessing from the Lord along with the diligence
of our sisters in keeping the protocols that have been implemented to keep them safe. With that being said, we are sorry to report that in the last couple weeks we have had 6 of our missionaries test positive for Covid. Fortunately, they are recovering well
without any serious complications. We have been in contact with each of their parents. All 6 of these sisters live in the Deseret Apartments and because of their proximity to each other and to hopefully curb the spread of this virus, we took the added precaution
of placing all the sisters that live in this apartment building under quarantine last week. This has given us the opportunity to do contact tracing to determine which other sisters have been in close personal contact with the sisters who have tested positive.
We are in the process of getting these sisters tested and are awaiting some of the results of these tests. So far, all the other tests have been negative. Once the required quarantine period has been completed, we will be allowing them to return to their normal
activities. In the meantime, they are remaining busy in their apartments and are still able to fulfill their missionary purpose by doing online teaching and contacting on social media. They have an adequate supply of food and necessities and we are in contact
with them on a regular basis. Their spirits are high, and they have wonderful attitudes.

At this time, we would like you to pray for our missionaries that they will be protected from this virus and that those infected will continue to recover so that we can resume our normal missionary activities as soon as possible. We will continue to take
every precaution necessary to keep them healthy and safe.


President Russell M Larsen

Utah SLC Temple Square Mission


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