December 9, 2020

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Good News from SL Temple Square Mission

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Sent: Wednesday, December 9, 2020 4:25 PM

To: Kari Cox

Subject: Good News from SL Temple Square Mission

Dear family of Sister Cox,

Your missionary, Sister
Kourtney Annamaria Cox, has been called to serve as an Assistant to President. She has been an exemplary missionary in living her life and conducting herself while here on her mission, which has made her worthy to receive
this important call.

As you may know, only a handful of missionaries have the privilege of being called as an Assistant to President. While this is an honor to your daughter, it also carries with it a significant
responsibility. She will come to clearly understand the blessings and burdens of leadership. She will be called upon to counsel with fellow missionaries and to seek guidance and inspiration as we strive to provide an atmosphere in which all those who serve
within our mission may reach their highest potential.

Sister Cox comes to this new assignment extremely well qualified to serve having developed personal and leadership skills and all the other characteristics that are so necessary to this level
of leadership responsibility.

We dearly love your missionary, and are excited to work more closely with her in this assignment which will broaden her understanding of the work of the mission as a whole. This assignment will also provide her with an unparalleled
opportunity to assist in the continued improvement and growth of the mission and the sisters she has been allowed to lead.


Russell M Larsen, President

Utah Salt Lake City Temple Square Mission


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