November 28, 2020



Thanksgiving & Giving Thanks

Sent: Saturday, November 28, 2020 9:40 AM

Subject: Thanksgiving & Giving Thanks💛

Hello! I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving with lots of yummy food! Our mission Presidency fed us a yummy lunch and let us watch a cute movie- we all felt so loved:) Since Thursday was Thanksgiving, they moved our Pday to today
for this week! Surpise!!

This past week was really great! It definitely felt a little long, but really good! We saw a lot of little miracles that reminded us that God really is in charge of this work! We have been focusing a lot on finding new people this past
week- with little success. We would go to the teaching center and try to call people for hours on end. The few times someone answered, they either hung up or had some unkind words to say haha. But, it has been really cool to see that because of our diligence,
God has been blessing us in other aspects of the work, generally in the last half hour of the day when we least expect it.

The other night after having a long (seemingly unsuccessful) day, we had shift at West Gate where we sit in a little booth and welcome guests/offer tours/ give maps/ direct to the restrooms. Randomly a lady came up and asked us if we had
reading materials about the church that she could study because her friend had just been baptized and she was curious. We were then able to have a really sweet conversation about the Book of Mormon. The Restoration of Christs church, and the peace and hope
we can feel through Christ. She was super sweet and completely engaged in the conversation. She was really excited to go home and read the Book of Mormon!!

On another night, we had a late night proselyting shift. As we were walking around, we noticed that no one was on Square and felt prompted to go to the other side by the reflection pool. Just as we were about to leave the gates, we saw
a couple and noticed they were signing to eachother. We quickly ran over and started communicating with them! We were able to get to know them, share a little bit about the temple and the Assembly hall and then bore testimony of the Book of Mormon. The spirit
was strong and as I walked away, I felt so much joy and love. I felt in my heart that God led this sweet couple to us and enabled us to be an extension of his love! I have been so grateful the past few months to have been able to learn sign language and use
it as I meet such pure souls!

Quick update on our sweet friends! Bruce: he has been going to church every sunday and LOVES it! We invited him to be baptized and he said that he would like to! He is excited to learn more and keep feeling the Spirit!! Really wants his
2 young boys to grow up with this knowledge he is gaining. It is amazing how close to the Spirit he is and readily recognizes that feeling!

Andre: we finally got to see him on zoom! He loves the Book of Mormon and connects really well with the local Elders! Want to get baptized but hasn't committed to a date yet. Excited to have a church family to fellowship with. Love him
so much!

Cesar: doing great! Still a bit of a slow learner, but we just adore him. He met the bishop (local leader) and shared his story of meeting the missionaries with him. Huge miracle: the elders have been working super hard and finally found
someone in his stake that knows ASL and is willing to interpret all of his sacrament meetings in the future! What a sweetheart! Things are aligning perfectly for Him and it makes us so happy:)) he is sooo excited to get baptized!

Last Saturday, we had the special opportunity of listening to President Ballard speak to our mission! It was such a sweet experience. He got on and immediately told us sisters how special and important we are. He told us about the good
our smiles can do and how we are the light in a dark world. Something he said has really resonated with me: "A smile tells people your heart is at home". I love that:)) He also gave us some great counsel for helping people be converted to Christ. He told us
that what we sat matters very little, but what makes the difference is how they feel. This is why the Spirit is so crucial when we teach. Of course, gaining gospel knowledge is important, but our friends need to feel something from God before they will move
forward. This counsel was a huge answer to prayer with some of our friends we are teaching! He ended by talking about how great this work is, that we need to enjoy it, and let that joyful spirit be felt by as many people as we can. He brought it back to the
Savior and how precious we all are in his eyes- that is what makes this work so great!

Sorry for the long email, I get really excited about sharing Gods hand in this work! We've truly had much to give thanks for this past week! Love you all so much!

❤Sister Cox

President Ballard devo, chaydens farewell (he killed it!!), Thanksgiving pics, my beautiful comp, family surprise visit!


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