September 8, 2020



Bee Stings, burnt hands... and wind??!

Date: September 8, 2020 at

Subject: Bee Stings, burnt hands... and wind??!

Hello my favorite people!! Its good to be back again! This week was pretty wonderful, challenges and all. I somehow managed to get stung by a bee and burnt my hand grabbing the wrong end of my curling iron, but that didnt stop us from having a great week!

First of all, I officially have less than 6 months left until I go home. This past week I hit my 1 year mark (based off the time I go home), which is absolutely crazy!! Somedays it feels like I have been on a mission my whole life and others it feels
like I just got here. Either way, it is crazy to think I have already been out a year. I reflected a lot on the last year throughout the week. Sometimes I worry I havent done enough or changed enough, but then I feel peace knowing that I have tried my hardest
to do what God would have me do... and I still have 6 wonderful months left to continue doing that!

On a mission it is very easy to discouraged when people dont respond, are uninterested, or don't keep commitments. It is easy to get too focused on numbers rather than people. I struggled with that at the beginning of the week. I prayed that God would
just help me love the people and find ways to be an instrument in his hands... and he answered! Teaching this week was absolutely amazing! We saw miracle after miracle and felt the spirit testify through our words. I set a goal to tell someone every day that
God loves them. I felt my heart grow in love and charity for these people and was able to feel the spirit prompt me to know which person I needed to say it to that day.

So today has been kinda crazy! We are under a wind advisory right now and couldnt leave our apartments this morning. Feeling a little confused, annoyed, and discouraged Sister Velasco and I decided to try calling some people from home. We are so glad
we did because we had some amazing miracles happen this morning! We called a lady from Nigeria that Sister Velasco found on Facebook. We started teaching her the Restoration and it was pretty normal... until we got to the first vision. Sister Velasco recited
it and then stopped. Her immediate response was "wowwww!!". We then asked her if she believed this was true. When she responded with a resounding "yes", we asked how she knew it. She said "remember the story of Christ getting baptized... well God said the
same exact thing, so I know this has to be true." Sister Velasco looked at eachother with a dropped jaw and tear filled eyes. It was so beautiful to see someone make the connection and feel the spirit testify and build upon truth.

Next, we called Maryann. Maryann has been going through a lot the past couple of years. I reached out to her about a month or two ago and havent been able to teach her a whole lot. I felt I needed to stay in contact, so I would check in on her, see how
she was doing, and share little messages of hope and love. Today she responded and I asked if I could call. She was actually available so we got to talk. After letting her talk for a solid 10 min, I asked what she needs in her life right now. She said she
needed peace and to feel closer with God. I was then able to introduce the Book of Mormon and testify that this is how she can find both of those things. After she said "oh, I already have one of those books." Shocked, I asked how she has one. She told me
that a couple of nicely dressed young men knocked on her door, gave her the book, read a verse, and then told her they would come back. The virus hit and she never heard back from them. After discussing it for a bit, she said "I should probably read that book
then". I realized that God had a plan for Maryann. He provided those stepping stones that she needed and I am so grateful that I was led to her!

I cant include all the amazing miracles we have seen in this short (or not so short. Haha sorry) email, but my heart is so full. We have been able to focus on the Restoration a lot this week and see miracles flow and hearts change as people learn about
the Book of Mormon and the restored gospel. What I want to include is my testimony that God lives and He has a perfect plan for each of us. He knows our strengths and our limitations. He knows our capacity and potential. He answers prayers and sends his love.
I feel that as I teach, serve, and love. I feel it as I study, ponder, and pray. I feel it through my wonderful family. I feel it through my friends and companions. I feel it through the people we teach. One of our friends this week thanked me for helping
him learn about God. In his little broken English he said: "I really wanna thank you , I meant I met too many people with really good hearts. But u keep show u on top of the good heart peoples." It is the little moments like these that make it all worth it.
I know my Savior lives and I know He loves each of you. I love being a missionary and I am so glad I get to do it for 6 more months!!

Love you all so much! Thank you for all the letters and packages this week😊 you all are the very best!

❤Sister Cox

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