April 13, 2020


Plum Creek


Kimberlyn Yellowhair

Self Isolation Days

Hi y'all!

Hellooo everyone.

So. Wow. Today marks 1 month until I'm home. I'm really not sure how I feel about that yet, besides the fact that I am torn about not being a missionary anymore. The way I've been living for 17ish months will be entirely different soon! And that's scary!

Anyways! This week has been just like the week before haha. There isn't a whole lot to update y'all on, but I'll give you a look at what our schedule is like.

6:30 am, daily plan. 7 am, work out. 730-9 am, personal time/getting ready for the day. 9-10 am, personal study (even though lately our personal studies have been closer to two hours haha!). And that's the part of our schedule that's the most consistent. The rest depends on the day. We've been trying to share messages and have studies with members over Zoom, as well as texting calling all of the contacts we have. Facebook finding, or using Facebook pages to try and attract people who would be interested in our message, is also something that consumes a lot of our time. In short, we are on our phones almost constantly. Because of this we've gotten permission to have an extra 2 hours of personal time spread out throughout our day so we can have time to not look at screens and sleep if we need it. It's surprising how exhausting it is using technology so much!

I read an excellent talk called "Safety for the Soul" by Elder Holland this week for like the billionth time, and I still love it just as much every time I watch it or read it. Y'all should add it to your list of things to read or study! It is such a powerful witness of the prophet Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. I love it sooo much.

I hope y'all find the beautiful things around you. I know things at times are heavy, and are dark, but when there is light, darkness cannot be there. Look for the light! Now is the perfect time to reconnect with your Father in Heaven. I like to think that He has finally cleared our schedules so we can have the one-on-one time that we forget we actually need.;)

I love y'all so much!


Sister Arnett


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