March 30, 2020


Plum Creek


Kimberlyn Yellowhair

Hello From the Insiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide

Hey y'all!

So, to be frank, I haven't had the motivation to write much on pdays the last few weeks. All emails have suffered, particularly my group emails. Lo siento.

So, holy wow, what a rollercoaster life has been. For all of us. I do not feel justified in sitting here and complaining to y'all about self isolating and all that, because the world is hurting right now.

So, here are the miracles and blessings I've seen-

•We are authorized to use technology in our work. The Lord's work will NOT stop unless He wants it to. He obviously isn't done, as you can probably see by all the darling videos and posts that are being put out there by missionaries around the world. That has been such a blessing.

•I've read a TON of The Saints, Volume 2. Y'ALL. IT IS SO GOOD. I feel so much more informed about EVERYTHING Church History. READ IT. It's not a difficult read, and it's very entertaining. I now feel like I knew Brigham Young personally. It's beautifully done. And, since you're self isolating or at least social distancing, YOU HAVE NO EXCUSES!!! Read it, friends.

•As missionaries, we have become more united in our purpose and our love for eachother and the gospel. My heart hurts for all those missionaries who had to be sent home early. My heart breaks for them. But now, we're serving for them, too.

•We did a little live video on Facebook on Sunday, and it was so fun! I said a prayer before that it would touch someone, and afterwards a member from my first area messaged me telling me that it was what she needed on a really dark day. So, SO happy that I was a part of that miracle. So blessed.

•The charity shown to us by the members has been so, so humbling. Just today a woman who is STRUGGLING FINANCIALLY came and gave us a week's worth of groceries. These people are God's hands.

•Our mission president's wife, Sister Tveten, said this very powerful statement, "God is not contained by the corona virus." That shook me to the core, y'all. READ IT AGAIN, and tell your neighbor.

As I'm sitting here writing these down, I want to emphasize an important point. I was struggling to be happy, and to feel peace and positivity, until I started looking for things to be happy about. The Savior is ALWAYS near. Always. Don't forget to look for Him. You will find Him.

Friends and family, I want to testify as a representative of the Lord Jesus Christ that He lives. He overcame the lowest point any one of us will experience, to bring us higher than we can ever know at this time. He desires for us to be happy. So, with that in mind, remember that if it's not good, it's not the end. It will get better. It will get better because He is the one piloting us. He is there. He lives.

I love you, the Church is true, and so is the book that’s blue! I LOVE Y'ALL WITH MA WHOLE HEART! HAPPY CONFERENCE WEEK!!!

Go find somethin' to smile about today.💛
Sister Arnett


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