February 3, 2020




Rachael Barlow

I Punched a Horse in the Face

Hi Y'all!
Sorryyyyy for me being MIA... I am awful at remembering to write my weekly email. But hey, that's what the Atonement is for, right?? (I'm pretty sure I've said that before too lol... my bad.)
This week, and the past few weeks, have honestly been lame. Not a whole lot has been happening, and we're currently just trying to find new people to teach.
A couple days ago, we went by Dawn, this sweet old lady that we're teaching, because she wasn't answering our calls or texts. We were getting worried! But we pull up and see her sitting on her porch with her roommates, and the second she sees us she starts hobbling down the driveway, "The girls are her, the girls are here!" She had been praying that we stop by to make sure everything's okay. It was definitely one of the sweetest moments of my mission so far!!
We also do service at a farm, and we work with the horses that are boarded their. Brook, this palamino who is owned by George, the guy who owns the farm, is GORGEOUS. She is so pretty, and always pulls first place in competitions-- but let me tell you, this horse is a BRAT. We'll be brushing her mane, giving her a bath, FEEEDING HER, and she will try to bite. So, when she tried to bite my companion this last time, I punched her. In the face. Of course, it didn't really hurt her. George actually told us to do that if she acts up and I just haven't had the guts to try it. But she didn't really try anything after that haha!
During the month of January, I read the entire Book of Mormon, highlighting passages that mention the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I've got to say, that my definition of the Atonement of Christ has changed so much. There are so many facets to it, and infinite amounts of ways that it can change our lives. I'd like to etend an invitation to you all to read the Book of Mormon like that as well, and discover for yourself what the Atonement means to you!
Also, we had zone conference, and I got to see my cute comp Sister Broman again! I missed that gal.
I love you all, I hope you're all doing well!
Sister Arnett
-Zoo day with the Elders
-I was asked to sing at Zone Conference
-Splits with Sister Broman
-Love running into Sister Broman, my old comp!
-Dinner with a Brother from my first area
-Goals for General Conference
-Zone Picture


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