November 11, 2019




Kaitlyn Green

I'm alive I promise!

Hellooooo y'all. Sorry it's been a bit.

Updates? Idk if y'all are ready for them, but I'll go ahead and do a quick info dump:

The 3 that committed to baptism in one night, Julius and Damica and Jeremiah: Julius is still on course to be baptized, but in my personal opinion, we need to move his date. He doesn't understand what he's getting into. Damica wants to slow down-- she wants to make sure she knows that this is what she wants. Jeremiah dropped off the face of the planet... we don't know what his deal is. Lol.

No new people... yet.

The weather is AbSOluTElY rIdIcULouS. And don't give me the, "But you're from Utah" trash because y'all, I've been here for long enough that I have TEXAN BLOOD NOW. IT'S THIN, AND EASILY CHILLED. I am a popsicle.

Lately in my personal study, I have been studying random chapters of the Book of Mormon, and then I highlight what I think the general thing is it's trying to teach me. Y'all, I LOVE STUDYING LIKE THIS. I have learned so much! I have come to absolutely LOVE 1 Nephi 17 after starting to study like this. Read that chapter, looking for what you think that chapter is trying to teach you, and email me what you think!!

Besides that... well, we played Dungeons and Dragons with a member on p-day. AND I LOVED IT. Before you judge me, play a round of it. Then judge me ;)

Love y'all! Have a great week!

Sister Arnett
-Pics are of us at a Halloween party, trip to San Antonio (River Walk, Alamo etc) and me holding President’s darling baby!


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