July 9, 2019


Old Settlers/ Blackhawk


Makayla Hansen

Flour and Fireworks

Hey y'all!

So in my last email I totally spaced mentioning that we met our new mission president! President Tveten and his family are AMAZING and I love them so much already. Interviews with him were great and I have a lot of things to work on until the next one. Ive enjoyed constantly having things to improve, thats a plus about the mission.

The 4th was awesome, and we were able to watch some fireworks from our apartment. They were a ways off, but it was nice being able to sit in the quiet for a bit. We don't get moments like that too often :) We also had district council, which was great! Its nice being able to talk with the missionaries we serve around. AND on top of it there's an old family friend of my grandparents, Ruth and Paul, who lives around here and we got to have dinner with her and her family! My dinner appointment canceled and we ended up that this families home for the 4th. It was definitely a blessing :)

Today for PDay we had a flour fight. It was the funnest 2 minutes of my life for sure!!!

I love you all, and I hope you had a great 4th of July! I'm speaking in church this Sunday, so I'll update yall next week on how that goes.

Sister Arnett

-Pics are of my mission president sons shined the shoes of the Elders, Kim Didier (family friend), Me and Sister Hansen with the Phlugerville Sisters at the Didiers.


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