February 25, 2019


Round Rock, Texas


Aspen Monroe

Texas... is Texas

Dear Fam and Friends,

Hello from again from the TSAM!

We got the chance to visit this cute girl who's fight leukemia right now, and we had a blast making friendship bracelets and exchanging laffy-taffy style jokes. So if y'all have more, we need more jokes!

We went chalking at some parks in our area, which was super fun! We also ended up contacting this really sweet lady when we started drawing the Plan of Salvation. She came up to us with her 5 year old and goes "Look Alex, theyre teaching us a truth!" Turns out she has very similar beliefs to us, and is going to be talking with us again this week!

The phrase I heard most this week was "It's fine, I'm a Texan." Like, it would be 30 degrees and windy and we would be freezing and our RS president would go "it's fine I'm not cold I'm a Texan" and it would make zero sense but I mean everyone who's a native texan owns it like that, haha!
So... ya. Texas is just... Texas. Everyone is loud and excited and hilarious... and I fit right in ;) mayyybe minus the hilarious part haha!

We are also teaching THREE NEW PEOPLE!!! YAY!!!!! One was a referral from some Elders, another was a street contact, and another was a member referral. So things are going great here in Walsh Ranch! Once we start teaching them again I'll fill y'all in on more of the specifics.

Other than all that, I get to eat basically anything I want because I'm burning everything off from biking haha! Its fun though, I love it a lot. I remember being not happy about having a bike area, but I really do love it a lot!

Thanks for all the love! Until next week!

Sister Arnett


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