February 18, 2019


Round Rock, Texas


Aspen Monroe

Muy mal, MUY MAL

Dear Friends and Family,

Hey y'all! This week has been... interesting.

The most used phrase of this week is "Muy mal, MUY MAL" or, "Very bad, VERY BAD!" Because it feels like something "muy mal" falls out of the sky every other second and we're just bikin' our way through it haha!

We have biked the entire length of our area four times this last week, and that doesn't count when we've had to backtrack because neither of us know where we're going haha! We've gotten to know the area a lot better, sure, but my legs are SO SORE haha.

So the thing is, we have this period of time from 6-9 PM that we call "prime pros" or prime proselyting time. In Walsh Ranch, we've been having a ridiculous amount of daytime appointments, which leaves our nights COMPLETELY open... and then we just get to bike all over kingdom come to go by inactives or potentials, and just the best way to describe our week has been that it was an absolute trainwreck hahaha. I say this while laughing, because even though it was rough, it was fun! Sister Monroe is a blast, lemme tell ya.

Lessons with Max (our investigator who is dating an inactive member and wants to join the church) are going really well! He's super dedicated to being a follower of God and Christ, and we assigned him to read the introduction of the Book of Mormon and the testimonies of the witnesses, and we get to the lesson and he goes "So I've read through chapter 5" Y'ALL! I JUST ABOUT FELL OUTTA MY CHAIR!!!

Max is one of those people who has been PREPARED for the gospel. He is so rad, I'm so happy for him and his future. You can already tell that the light of the gospel is improving his life one bit at a time.

I've been reading the Saints recently, along with reading the Bible and the Book of Mormon, and y'all my testimony of Joseph Smith has grown even more just from reading it. The early Saints WOULD NOT have done what they did unless Joseph Smith really is a prophet of God, and the Book of Mormon is true. I invite y'all to either read the testimonies of the witnesses of the Book of Mormon or the First Vision, or the Saints this week. They all truly testify of the reality of the Savior, and the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon.

Also! So, my messenger bag converts into a mini backpack thing, and so when my roommates connected the dots about my old nickname (Kora the Explorer) we definitely were singing the map, backpack, and theme song of the Dora cartoon. What a blast haha.

I hope y'all have a great week!

Sister Arnett
P.S. I have embraced the reality of how ridiculous I look in a helmet, so here's some pictures :)


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