February 11, 2019


Round Rock, Texas


Aspen Monroe

Weekly (Hermana?)

Dear friends and family,

Hey y'all, so wow this week was insane.

After my trainer left Monday night, I was in a trio with the Hermanas I live with and that was so fun!! It was cool being able to learn more Spanish. Then I met my new comp, Hermana Monroe, and I LOVE HER SO MUCH!!! She is the coolest person ever and we love the same kind of music. I mentioned Brendon Urie, the lead singer of my favorite band, and she just looked up at me and screams "YOURE KIDDING!". We both just started screaming and jumping up and down haha! It was so rad, I love her!!!

So the First Presidency sent out an email to the local auxiliaries about a new emphasis on Spanish speaking in North America and there are many theories on what this means. They're going to be encouraging nested wards, which means a mini Spanish congregation in an English ward. I got a Spanish speaking comp... and I live with two Spanish Branch hermanas... so... Hermana Arnett, anyone? The theory (in our house at least) is that I'm going to be assigned to learn Spanish mid mission...?? And even if that doesn't happen, Hermana Pizorno, who I live with, is almost fluent in Spanish and is giving me lessons every night during personal time. So the hope is that by the end of the transfer I will be able to have a conversation with someone, or at least do a basic contact. We're crossing our fingers!

Also, we are now teaching Max, who is sooo prepared! He was one of our referrals and I am floored by how ready he is to learn the gospel. I was able to read an excerpt of the First Vision to him and he just stared at us for a second, then burst into a grin and said, "Wow!".

So all in all, things are really looking up here in Walsh Ranch. I am so happy and I'm learning so much!!! Thanks for all the love, and thank you to those of you who contributed to the cute package I received last week! I'll make sure to answer your questions soon!

Until next week!


Sister (Hermana?) Arnett

P.S. we also went to Round Rock Donuts today... I got a cinnamon roll that is literally the best thing I have ever tasted!


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