January 14, 2019


Round Rock, Texas


Cambria Siddoway

"21 a week"

Dear friends and family,

Last week in mission conference Elder Teixeira told us that if we get 3 lessons a day, 21 a week, we will start seeing miracles.
We're seeing miracles.
We have had three lessons every single night this week, and we have been making SO MUCH PROGRESS with the members, and with member missionary work. Our ward mission plan is: 1) 104 friendly home evenings for the year of 2019 2) 4 convert baptisms 3) every family having a family mission plan. We have been going around and having lessons with members about it and about member missionary work and the response has been 60% awesome! The other 40% are people who don't really care... The thing here in Walsh Ranch is that 20% of the people do 80% of the work, and by work I mean missionary work and ministering. I can't express how much my testimony of ministering has grown over these last few weeks! It's so important that everyone has someone there for them when they're having a hard time or even when things are good.

We have a baptism this weekend! Rick and Beth, after NINE MONTHS of taking the lessons, are finally entering the gate to eternity. They are looking towards the temple and are so thankful that they are able to be sealed to one another for eternity one day.

One of my new year's resolutions was to read at least 5 pages out of the Bible everyday and I'm already 135 pages in! The Old Testament is really cool and also really weird. There's a verse in Exodus that describes manna as "wafers made with honey" and I told my comp that they sounded like graham crackers, so we bought "manna" at HEB today hahaha! Also, HEB is like Harmons, but SO MUCH BETTER. IT'S AMAZING. Like, when I'm home one day, the thing I'll probably miss the most is HEB. I'm not even kidding. Their tortillas are AMAZING they have a tortillaria IN STORE!!! Like what??

It's been nice reading the Bible and learning more about the law of Moses because one of our investigators is Jewish. She doesn't really know what to believe because she has issues with her own religion and then she is still trying to understand ours. I'm hoping that as I read more of the Old Testament I will be able to understand more of what she is feeling.

I have a testimony that if you give your all to the Lord, He will give it all back tenfold. Not going to lie, missions are hard. I haven't been this tired in my life, and I know that as I continue to serve my companion and our investigators and the people of Texas with a humble heart that I will make it. Christ will carry me through this.

I love you all! I appreciate those of you who write me, and I'll talk to you next week!

Sister Arnett


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