December 31, 2018


Round Rock, Texas


Cambria Siddoway

Feliz Navidad

Hi friends and family!!!
Merry Christmas and a Happy Happy New Year y'all!!! Didn't feel like Christmas here because it was almost 70 degrees that day, but I mean hey I got to talk to my family!!! That was definitely a highlight<3
Right now we are teaching a woman who was born in Israel, and she is very much Jewish. The majority of people here in Texas love the missionaries but cliam they aren't interested, and the same goes for this woman, who I'm going to call Mia. Mia's parents both passed away recently, within four months of eachother, so her faith has definitely been shaken. For the first time, she wanted to sit in on a lesson with us and her daughter Anna. We talked about faith in Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost. We read a scripture talking about the Spirit, and we asked them if they'd felt the spirit before. Mia proceeded to tell us about an experience she had when she felt the Spirit, and wow guys, the Spirit in that room was so strong, and I could tell that she was feeling it again. Her main language is Hebrew, but the BoM isn't printed in Hebrew, so it's been difficult for her to read. But, we found out that listening to English is easier for her to understand, so she's been able to listen to the BoM from the gospel library app! It's so amazing to see the change that is beginning in her. She also asked us to send her daily verses, so that's been awesome to be able to send her verses about Christ and about faith and prayer. I'm hoping that her heart continues to soften to that she can find the peace that she needs right now.
Come Follow Me was introduced Sunday, and ahhhhh you guys I'm so excited!!! It's going to be awesome to see how people's testimonies grow and change because of this new program. I invite all of you to study from the Come Follow Me booklets, and to embrace the program. I promise that as you do, you will find that your relationship with God will grow to a whole new level.
With it being New Year's Eve I thought I'd share my resolutions: 1) I'm going to read 5 pages from the Bible everyday so that by the end of the year I will have read the whole thing!!! 2) I'm going to work on letting go of things that still weigh heavily on me. This is something that will hopefully happen through continual study of the scriptures. Something that sparked this thought is found of page v. of the Come, Follow Me booklet.
I love you all so much! Any updates about y'alls lives is appreciated, even if it's just a quick note. I love you all so much, keep being amazing!
The church is true, the Book is blue, and I love you!
Sister Arnett


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