December 24, 2018


Round Rock, Texas


Cambria Siddoway

High Hopes -- for the TSAM

Dear Friends and Family,

I'm going to name each day of the week after a song that describes the day. And then I will proceed to tell y'all about it.
Wednesday: I'm Walking on Sunshine
Alright. Wednesday. We were up at 3:30, and we were on the shuttle by 4:45! Sister Ross and Sister Slade got up to say goodbye to us and we all definitely cried. On the way to the airport, everyone on the front runner was talking to us, and it was awesome! The airport was great, I got cafe rio for breakfast and it was so amazing to have something other than cafeteria food! The flight was good, I sat next to three of the Elders from my MTC district, and so the flight was definitely not boring! I cried saying goodbye to the mountains. But I was so excited when I saw Texas and we touched ground!
I got off the plane and the humidity and the heat hit me like a wall! Right now I'm loving it because dry skin is nonexistent, but I know that the summer is going to be interesting haha!
We met President Polley and his wife Sister Polley. They're way nice, and their main goal is to help us learn that exact obedience brings blessings!
We went straight to the Alamo from the airport, and it was so awesome!!! Before the fall of the Alamo, the soldiers who wold stay and fight stepped across a line that their commander drew in the dirt to separate the deserters from the fighters, and we all stepped over the line to symbolize us being "all in" for the TSAM haha! Afterwards we went street contacting, and guess what. I PLACED 4 BOOK OF MORMONS!!! The People of Texas love everyone who loves Jesus... except members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints. Shocker, am I right?
Thursday: Separate Ways
Thursday I said goodbye to my sweet sweet district and honestly my heart broke a little. I did my handshake with Elder Earl one last time and I said goodbye to all my Elders and I'm soooooooo sad about it. And on top of it I'm not allowed to email other Elders in the mission. So. That's great. But it's okay, exact obedience brings blessings. Elder Earl I know you're going to get this so tell the other elders I love y'all and that you're all going to do great in all of your areas!
Thursday afternoon I met my comp, Sister Cambria Siddoway! She. Is. The. BEST! Really though, she is so great, and an awesome trainer. She loves to repurpose and recycle things and meditates and stuff, and is totally a pro at riding a bike in a skirt. Which, also, I'm in a bike area. So that's... fun. Well not really haha, I feel so awkward but it's okay I'm adjusting.
Thursday I met the Hatch's, and they are like my family away from home, they're so great! They have a son, Harrison, who's been on a mission for 17 months now and he got permission to skype home to his non member friends on Thursday! And my comp and I were there because Harrison answered some questions about missions and stuff and said hi to his friends, and then we taught the Restoration lesson to TWELVE NON MEMBERS IN ONE SITTING. WHAT. THE HECK. WOW. Literally the coolest thing ever. The spirit in that room was palpable, and TWO people took Book of Mormons!!! It was so awesome.
Our house is an actual house, and the only one that is in the mission! We live with two hermanas, Hermana Pizorno and Hermana Motock. Theyre awesome:)
Friday: Knockin' on Heaven's Door
My first experience tracting! Guys I LOVE IT AND I DONT KNOW WHY! Because it's like a 1 in 10 chance that they'll open the door to us, but when they do it's the best feeling ever! No one let us in that night, but we had a lesson with Rick and Beth who's baptismal date is in January:) We're really excited for them.
No one has yet slammed the door in our face or yelled at us, but even if they do, I know that Jesus is on our side and that He will put His foot in the door for us one day. Just one door at a time, we can do this.
Saturday: What is This Feeling? (from the musical Wicked)
We had an interview with the Polleys and found out last minute about meetings we didn’t know we had until twenty minutes before, and our DL called us twice about it and didn't even bother leaving a message. **pokes eyes out** But it's okay... we still love the elders;)
Sunday: Primadonna (from the Phantom of the Opera musical)
Sunday was this special program for Christmas, solely for the purpose of getting nonmembers to an LDS service. None of the people who we invited to come showed up. And I'm pretty sure God had a hand in that, because THANK GOODNESS THEY DID NOT COME.
The choir chorister is "a major in vocal performance and musical arts" and so when she's up there leading the congregation in hymns it sounds like Colotta out of Phantom of the Opera is trying to out-sing the whole chapel. She gave a solo for Oh Holy Night, and she would stop whenever she messed up, and just treated it so casually!! Oh my!!! It was crazy, because it was supposed to be super sacred and beautiful. And then there was a number with the YW's choir and a ton of the youth with their instruments and she would stop them mid-song and have them restart and then she turned around into the mic and goes, "I promise you, during rehearsal this was perfect," and was trying to be frustrated and then acted all annoyed like it wasn't her fault at all, and I felt sooo upset!!! **pokes eyes out** Ahhhhhh. It's fine, everything's fine.
Monday: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
PDays are tough because there is WAY too much to do! Good news: WE ARE GETTING MONEY FOR PANTS ON OUR MISSION CARDS!!!!!!! Bad news: WE WILL NEVER HAVE TIME TO GO SHOPPING EVER. EV-ER. AHHHHH. But today the Hatch's took us out to lunch, and then tomorrow they're having us over for Christmas dinner, so I guess it's okay haha.
I love you guys a lot, and I miss being at home with y'all... I think I'm Kaysville-sick. But it's all good. I'm going to be okay because I've got Jesus, and I've been called to bring Jesus to everyone else. I'm going to get the people of Walsh Ranch TRANSLATED, GOSH DARN IT!
Thank you for all the emails and the love this Christmas, I'll talk to y'all next week!
I love y'all tons!
Sister Arnett
P.S. I'm sorry I didn't really take pictures, I will be better at remembering next week! Bye!ReplyForward


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