December 18, 2018


MTC- Provo, Utah


Olivia Smith

Oh Lord, My God

This week FLEW by, oh my! It was definitely an interesting week too. Sister Penrose and Sister Smith and I were only a trio for two days. Two. Days. And then a girl who was in another district didnt get her visa in time sooo sister Ross joined district 37D! It was interesting to get out of the shower to find the district president's wife standing outside our doorway with the news that Sis P has a new comp. We definitely all had a meltdown that night. But, Sister Ross is THE CUTEST MOST AMAZING PERSON TO LIVE. EVER. She is awesome. Her dad is a deadbeat and left them when she was five, her mom and brother are inactive, and her grandma isn't supportive of the church and yet she is on a mission. Holy wow. And I thought I was here on faith!
There has been a lot of crazy stuff going on because it's our departure week, but nothing very noteworthy. In my departure interview my district president told me that I've “got the personality of a visitors center sister and the guts of an experienced missionary and I couldn't be more proud of ya." Yup. Definitely cried.
Sooo, our first day in the field we are street contacting at the Alamo?? Whaaaat??? How much more Texas can you get? I mean really?! And we're having a freaking bbq dinner on top of it. I’m pretty positive I’m going to be too exhausted to eat a darn speck of food, but you best bet I’m gonna try! And for the record I haven’t gained more than 2 pounds here, and I’m gosh darn proud, haha.
Sunday we had to sing a musical number since it was our departure Sunday, so we rearranged How Great Thou Art, which is my favorite hymn. I almost started bawling, it was so pretty. The lyrics are a prayer to me, and I sing my heart out every time.
Shower time. Where do I freakin start. There’s a sister I like to call Ariel and when she hears whatever song you’re singing to yourself, she legit starts belting it out or harmonizes and I’m sitting here like?? Is this chick for real??? So, of course, being my darling self, I go "Do you take requests?". It went silent for a second, and then she goes, and I’m not kidding, "as long as it is within my vocal range I’d love to!" Oh. My. Gosh. Guys. The girl cant sing. But she sure tries her darnedest. So I request some good ole Beyonce, and we had a shower and a show!
In exercise time I have become infamous for dropping threes in basketball. So the elders, to try and mess me up, start the line (for the shooting game “Speed”) in from the side. Now, I don’t know if this is Jesus blessing me or what, but I kid you not, I drained it. Every, darn, time. It was beautiful. I don’t know where these basketball skills were like five years ago when I actually played, but it felt darn good when Elder Smith started narrating what I was doing in his sports announcer voice, and Elder Earl was scared to stand in front of me in Speed! Mwahahahaha!
So I've got a surprise. A big surprise. I GET TO CALL HOME AT THE AIRPORT TOMORROOOOOOOW!!!!!!!
Im so excited<3
Also, that one day I was sad was just because we had a looooong day haha. And there are for sure moments where I get trunky, but then I remember my priesthood blessing and then I'm okay!
I want to give you my testimony real quick.I testify to you of the reality of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. He suffered in the Garden for us, died on the cross for us, and was then resurrected. For us. He does not want us to suffer at all, and that is why He did what He did. When we all made the choice in the premortal life to come to this earth we were already exercising our faith in Christ. We had to have faith that He would do what He said He would, and bring us back to our Father in Heaven. I promise that as we come unto Christ that He will give us rest, and that He will lift our burdens. He has already paid for all of our sins and suffered every ounce of pain we have felt, and ever will feel. All we have to do is let Him carry us. I testify of this is the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
3 Nephi 11:11

I love y'all so much!
Sister Arnett


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