December 11, 2018


MTC- Provo, Utah


Olivia Smith

Thy Wonders Shall Never Cease

Welcome to week 2 of the craziness that is now Sister Arnett's life!
This week was absolutely insane. So Sister Garrett is Sister Penrose's companion (they're both my roommates) and from the beginning things were difficult. Sister G has a handful of disabilities that make it extremely difficult for her to be successful in a missionary environment. She has difficulty articulating herself, and forgets where she is sometimes, and tends to zone out and shut down. Every night the first week, she would start sobbing at night and not speak at all, and be inconsolable. We figured out it was from homesickness after 20 minutes of coaxing it out of her. It's difficult to describe just how bad it was, and just how miserable she was. She broke down in class three days ago, because one of our TRC's (role playing investigators) didn't believe in God... and that's only the beginning. Sis Penrose has had to miss a lot class because of her extensive needs, and was literally about to pass out from stress, not kidding. This morning she woke up unable to function because she had pushed herself so hard. The only surprise factor in this situation is that when Sister G gets into a lesson, she becomes a vessel of the Spirit. She starts saying things that she shouldn't know about the investigator, and oh my its just crazy. She just sits there and the Spirit starts talking. It's crazy. On Friday, the four of us (Sister G Sister P and my comp and I) all sat down in one of the classrooms in the main building to have a talk. Now remember, Sister Garrett can't talk well in front of others. She clams up in a situation when you're talking to her. She had the blank expression on her face that comes when she just turns off, and was silent for I kid you not, 10 minutes straight. I remember consciously flipping a switch inside of me to be open to the Spirit, and immediately I felt the Holy Ghost come over me. For a few seconds I couldn't say anything, and then I heard myself speak. The words that came out were not mine. I don't remember the majority of what the Spirit said through me, but later Sister Smith told me some of it. She said that I told Sister Garrett that she was NOT one of the lost sheep, and that Christ had her safely in His fold and that He would keep her safe. We said a prayer as well and I offered it. Oh man. Sister Smith told me that I commanded her in the name of Jesus Christ for her mouth to be filled with words as God has done with His prophets and that she speak the desires of her heart. The second the prayer ended, she started talking. She said things that we had never heard from her before and things that she probably wouldn't have been able to articulate without the Spirit of God giving her the words to speak.
I testify of the realness of God and our Savior, and of the Holy Spirit. They work together to give God's children the happiness that they so desperately want for us. God was in that room. He had his arms around Sister Garrett, the Spirit moved my mouth and helped me to help her get where she needs to go. I testify of this, in the sacred name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Amen.
So that was only Friday, people. I ain't even done.Saturday was our third and final time teaching our adorable TRC, Eliza. Shes a sweetheart, and also the real deal! Some of the TRC's are LDS, and some are actually nonmembers. Eliza is a nonmember... and we committed her to baptism!!! Or the Spirit did. If I've learned on thing while I've been here, its that the Spirit does the convincing, not us.We taught her the Plan of Happiness and she asked us about the people who couldnt recieve the Gospel, or who died before baptism. We taught her about the Spirit World where everyone is taught. She was smiling so big, and when we asked her to be baptized, she said yes! She's got to go through the actual Provo missionaries, but we got her there! Through the Spirit, she was converted. It was amazing.
Sister Garrett went home today, but is anxiously awaiting her reassignment to a service mission! She was so happy today and yesterday because she knows this is what she's supposed to be doing.
Sister Training Leader duties are wayyy fun! I love getting to know more of the Sisters but the most important part of the job is making sure all the Sisters in our zone are doing okay. And that's my favorite part. I can feel God blessing me already because I am really bad with names and I have been able to remember all of the ones I have learned since becoming an STL! We've got an orientation for brand new missionaries tomorrow, so I'll update you all on that next week :)
In terms of the rest of the week... well, Elder Davis, one of our zone leaders, has to get surgery and left the MTC today. Nothing too serious, but he will be home for 6 weeks. The bright side is that he will be joining us in San Antonio towards the end of January! We're praying for him here. AND Elder Smith, our district leader, probably has a hernia. So I'm fasting for him tonight and tomorrow in the hopes that he'll be back here asap, or that nothing will be wrong... probably the first option. Keep my sweet district in your prayers, we are a little bummed out. Going from 12 to 10, or even 9, is gonna be a rough transition.
I think of you all constantly- all of the emails I've recieved I have loved and always make my day! I have a phone on my mission so I'm able to read emails throughout the week :)
The name I gave this email is important. God's wonders will never cease, as long as we have faith in Him. There are so many more things that happened this week that i don't have the words to describe, and they happened because of Faith. Faith in Jesus Christ is the first step, and when faith and the Spirit meet, miracles happen.
Alma 32:21
"Come to the edge.
No, I will fall!
Come to the edge, He said.
No, I will fall!
Come to edge, He said.
I came to the edge.
He pushed.
I flew."

Let him help you fly<3
All my love,
Sister Arnett
-Also Sister Penrose is going to be in a trio with Sister Smith and I now!!!


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